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20 Dec

अद्वित्य वीरता की मिसाल – गोविन्द के लाल

एक की उम्र 5 साल और दूसरे की 7 साल। साहिबजादे जोरावर सिंघ और साहिबजादे फ़तेह सिंघ को गिरफ्तार करके सूबा सरहिंद की कचहरी में लाया गया। उनको कहा गया कि आपके पिता शहीद हो चुके है। आप इस्लाम कबूल करलो। उन्हें हूरों का लालच दिया गया।लेकिन दोनों अडिग रहे, वो नही माने। सूबा तो

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19 Dec

Sikh Brothers Reach OUT to Iraqis, Syrians for HELP

“Recognising the whole human race as one,” it is this teaching of the guru that forms the basis of the International NGO Khalsa Aid, founded by Ravinder Singh from UK. To serve this belief, the volunteers of the organisation are ready to travel to any place of calamity to save those caught in a dire

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19 Dec

Alumnus of Akal Academy, Gomti SHINES in IMA passing out Parade

Under a cloud speckled winter sky with the historic chetwode building in the background, amid 401 cadets, Yuvraj Singh, Alumnus Of Akal Academy, Gomti roared in IMA passing out Parade. The Akal family announces it with pride that as one of its Alumni has made his way to NDA Khargwasla by passing written examination and

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17 Dec

Stand OUT! Stand PROUD!- Inspiring Words by 10 Yr Old Kaur

“Stand out, stand proud.” What does that really mean? As most of you probably know, on March 30,1699, Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa Panth. He made the Panj Pyare. These 5 men were brave enough to give their head to Guru Ji when no one else would. That is real courage. Now, you

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