Inter-Academic Athletic event was held at Akal Academy Govindpur saw the participation of various Akal Academies of Chak Mander, Makhangarh etc. The students belonging to all age groups participated in an exclusive collection of sportive events that involved various competitive activities. The event witnessed students belonging to all age-groups participating with an energetic outlook. The #AkalAcademies provides the required access to sports and games as it empowers the youth and promote higher self-esteem. Medals and certificates were distributed to the high performers. Akal Academy, Chak Mander surpassed the other academies winning close to the 121 medals in the meet. Students were seen flaunting their medals with pride and cheerfulness. Like & Share among your family and friends! ~ Tapasleen Kaur ~ New Delhi, 3rd Nov '14 News Coverage: Akal Academy, Chak Mander Outperforms the other academies with 121 Medals in the Inter-Academy Athletic meet!