The Nagar-Kirtan celebrations, held on 2nd Oct 2013 observed participation of special little guests from Dhudial, who had come all the way from Bishan Nagar, Patiala to join the procession of celebration with a great zeal & fervor.

The students marched while singing Shabads following the Bahadurgarh-to-Moti Bagh Gurdwara Route of the Nagar-Kirtan. Several teachers also accompanied this young crowd of enthusiasts that stood distinct amongst all participating students from different city schools. 11 Nagar Kirtan

“A chance to let our students participate in the city events like these provides a great opportunity and platform for us to showcase the academic & spiritual grooming that these kids are brought up with”, expressed the Headmistress, Mrs. Gurjeet Kaur of Akal Academy, Dhudial under the aegis of  The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib.

A teacher accompanying the students also added, “Such events give us an opportunity to bring the city audiences face to face with our rural students- to let them witness the exclusivity and uniqueness in the characteristics of our rural students which make them unique and let them stand out distinct amongst all other city students. It’s a great platform to present what our institutes embed into these rural children and at the same time showing them the radiance of these children.”

We salute the efforts, courage and spirits of both teachers and the students for coming from a distance to grace the celebrations of the city on an occasion of such great spirits.

~Deeksha Singh
~New Delhi, 17th Oct ’13