Akal Academy’s Young Science Wizards showcase their work at Science Exhibition

Rural students exhibited their hidden talent in the field of science at a recent Science Exhibition event held in the Academy premises. The event observed a Science Model Making Competition where science students of the school showcased some brilliantly conceptualized and interestingly crafted models for the Science project – based upon their individually selected unique & exquisite themes.

Akal Academy’s Young Science Wizards showcase their work at Science ExhibitionThe Akal Academy, located within Taran Taaran, at a small village named Teja Singh Wala, organized this special science competition event on the occasion of a routine parent teacher meeting, so that rural parents could also get to witness the progression and development happening with their kids.

“The students did a lot of hard work and research; not only their effort, but also the quality of their work is at par with students of any acclaimed city schools. Their concepts, in fact, are much more convincing; they seem to have much clear and elaborate knowledge about what they have worked on! We are both surprised and proud of their magnificent work”, cited a science teacher from the Academy, who shared her experience with us while sharing the press release information.

Principal Sadeep Kaur of the Academy and the village Sarpanch Mr. Prem Singh were also present during the event; whilst honoring the students and their work, S. Prem Singh quoted that “this Academy, which started about 6 years ago, today, because of hard work of its staff members and teachers, is now an established & top-most education centre with Rural Transformation being its focus”.

On the occasion, the students exhibiting the best of their skills & work, received accolades through Principal Sandeep Kaur, Sarpanch Prem Singh & other invited Special Guests, as a mark of honor & encouragement; amongst the Special Guests Narender Singh Punnu, Gursewak Singh, Surinder Singh alongside President Jagroop Singh were seen praising the Akal Academy for its success and inspiring work.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 31st Oct ’13

Rural students plant 500 Trees! – Village Saniana’s Action on Global Warming Woes

Amid world climate turmoil, whilst the scientists are raising concerns and environmentalists in most countries are discussing ways to bring down the pollution levels in order to avoid the imminent extreme rise in temperature over the next 2 decades; the rural students and teachers of village Saniana’s Akal Academy have already taken up the combat mode.

Rural students plant 500 Trees! - Village Saniana’s Action on Global Warming Woes
Over the past couple of months, the school staff alongside students and teachers has been actively observing plantation drives across the village and nearby areas in vicinity. Together, the young enthusiast transformers have successfully planted 500 tree-saplings. The locals were excited watching the children planting trees that they too have decided to participate in further tree plantation activities.

“In light of the parent organization – The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib’s core values, which seek to make this world a better living place through producing good global peace-making citizens. The task of saving, preserving and improving the environment and the mother earth stands integral to responsibility of these young world citizens, by the virtue of both – their faith & learning’s that are imbibed into them”, expressed Mrs Raj Goyal, Principal of the school. She also explained that it is important and critical for adults to take up the role of motivating the youth through leading by example and contributing alongside the kids.

“We cannot assume worldwide change unless we change ourselves to begin with – which only can acts as the strong motivating and influencing force for the upcoming generations to follow”, she further added.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 30th Oct ’13

Fun with Learning: Rural Village Rataolan’s Akal Academy kids undertake English “Rhyme-Time” Workshop

Moving strong upon its vision to secure mainstream for the rural kids of India, the Kalgidhar Trust’s Akal Academy running at village Rataolan designed and observed a specially customized “Rhyme-Time” event which aims at imbibing English speaking skills amongst rural village children.

Fun with Learning: Rural Village Rataolan’s Akal Academy kids undertake English “Rhyme-Time” Workshop
The event saw little young primary class students gathered together at the corridor outside their classes, who came up on the performance area, turn by turn; there were both individual and group performances that were witnessed by the students with school staff and teachers.

The exclusively conceptualized custom event for the rural, held in the form of a competition, required the participants to not only sing the English rhymes of their choice, but also, perform creative actions matching to the rhyme context. Some students were also seen dressed up in special attire to match the theme of their rhymes while performing.

“It is always interesting for us to keep coming up with such fun learning concepts for these rural kids, who otherwise do not get much of organic exposure in the village environment to support their universal growth, especially on the context of getting proficient at this universal language(English)”,  expressed the Principal Kiranjeet Kaur, who holds regular brain-storming sessions with the members of the staff for the purpose of conceptualization of new techniques of making learning fun-filled & impactful for young rural village kids.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 30th Oct ’13

Akal Academy village Kalloh rural kids share English Vibes

Village Kalloh Akal Academy recently organized an exclusively designed event for the rural kids called – English Action Songs. The activity not just focuses onto learning English dancing moves, but also singing while dancing – the activity was organized to help them develop spoken English speaking skills… it’s the game of perfect lip-sync throughout the dance performance.

Akal Academy village Kalloh rural kids share English VibesThe designed activity is the integral part of the curriculum that is specifically knitted to develop fluency in English of the students. Experts believe that English, though being a subject of study, is rather an art when it comes to developing proficiency and accuracy especially at spoken English, which in turn automatically gives way to higher level achievements at reading and writing.

Hence, like it should be taken up as any other form of art – it all begins as a hobby – for which the interest has to be induced into a child first.

“Since for any hobby to develop, maintain and sustain, before it takes the shape as an art, one needs an environment both supportive and conductive to help keep the hobby active. The art of great English, is perhaps, no different on that context either”, revealed a young English teacher of the Akal Academy.

The Principal Ms. Manmohan Kaur added, “Since we understand that elements that create such an environment, like a group of English speaking friends or trend of following English programs/movies/music or such hobbies,  are non-existent in Rural India environments, hence it’s critical for us to inorganically create such atmosphere.

Also, we believe if we simply create such an atmosphere primarily, the learning and the education part will see significant improvements in terms of proficiency and fluency at this universal language, that has gained much of world importance and have become more of a necessity from being a mere requirement over the last 2 decades.

Thus, the need was felt and hence the efforts were applied to acknowledge efforts beyond textual learning and school academics to bridge socio-dynamic gap between the metros and the rural environments that prevail amongst students beyond school.”

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 29th Oct ’13

Inspiring by example: Akal Academy, Ahmedpur Darewala Teachers perform Akhand Paths

Keeping up with the strategy of leading by example, teachers alongside staff at village Ahmedpur Darewala Academy undertook the pious task of performing 3 Akhand Paths, all by themselves.

Inspiring by example: Akal Academy, Ahmedpur Darewala Teachers perform Akhand PathsThe teachers and other members of the school recited the 3 Akhand Path Sahibs continuously staying back at the Academy for 3 nights and devoutly took their roles in scheduled shifts. During the event, several villagers contributed by helping the members in organizing for the Bhog ceremony, which was observed in the final week of last month.

“We got much encouragement from villagers, their great enthusiasm really supported us in performing our duties”, cited Mrs. Amandeep Kaur,  the former Principal of the Academy, who is now heading Akal Academy Rajia at the same post.

The Bhog ceremony was observed with Grand Celebrations; all the parents attended the event on the concluding day where post ‘Bhog’, students performed 3 brilliantly prepared choreographies upon ‘Mera Sona Desh Punjab’, ‘Naam Khumari Nanaka’ & ‘The Sikh History’ followed by some interesting ‘Kirtan’ and religious poetry sessions by 2nd class students. The music teachers also sensitized the audience with their exclusively prepared Anand Sahib recitation.

The event was also enjoined by village Ellenabad Akal Academy Principal Mrs.Sukhjeet Kaur, who alongside AA Darewala’s Principal Ms. Gurmeet Kaur honored the head of the village Darewala to reward the students who secured top positions during the 1st academic semester.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 28th Oct ’13

Progress that is Visible: Village Sheron Akal Academy Inaugurates New Building!

We are happy to announce that with grace of Almighty and your benign support, village Cheema Akal Academy’s Kindergarten branch located in Sheron, on October 21 observed inauguration of its new school building, which recently saw its completion stage.

Progress that is Visible: Village Sheron Akal Academy Inaugurates New Building! The inauguration was done by the village ‘Panchayat’ alongside organizing staff members. For adding grace to the event “Sri Akhand Sahib” was performed to seek the blessings of Almighty.  ‘Bhog’ of Sri Akhand Sahib was followed by a session of religious poems & short-stories from Sikh history, narrated by little young students of the Akal Academy.

On the occasion, Principal Mrs. Baljeet Kaur of Akal Academy Cheema alongside Kindergarten division in-charge(Sheron) Harvinder Kaur, addressed the audience with their speech, familiarizing the audience with the workings of The Kalgidhar Trust – based on roadmap proclaimed through Sant Attar Singh Ji’s wish; explained about the activities being undertaken and the strategies that the organization is devising for providing unique value-based worldly education alongside spiritual-moral values to the rural children, especially in the rural-backward regions.

Also, on the occasion, the donors of the land-building i.e. Mata Gurdev Kaur and her son Kuldeep Singh were honored by the organizers, volunteers and the staff members.

Our main office team, on behalf of all the volunteers and members of the staff across all 129 Akal Academies and University colleges, salutes the philanthropic spirit of the donors, who being villagers, have come forth to exhibit such great gesture of love and support for transformation of the rural societies through an act so noble, honest and pure.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 26th Oct ’13

Progress that is Visible: Village Sheron Akal Academy Inaugurates New Building!

Leading by Example: Village Ellenabad’s Akal Academy Staff Members perform Sehej Path; celebrate Bhog with young students

Staff Members and the Principal of Akal Academy at village Ellenabad, recently undertook the pious task of doing Sehej Path in reverence to Almighty. The occasion of ‘Bhog’ ceremony saw grand celebrations where students from village Ahmedpur Darewala, Akal Academy also joined the event alongside teachers with full gusto.

Village Ellenabad’s Akal Academy Staff Members perform Sehej Path; celebrate Bhog with young studentsContributing to the event in great fervor, the students of village Ahmedpur performed two wonderful choreographies followed by couple of Shabads in high spirits of celebration sung with great enthusiasm. The performance was much appreciated and devoutly enjoyed by the holy congregation. The parents were much obliged and astonished to see their little kids performing with such serenity and confidence. “It was our great pleasure when we heard the encouraging comments from the parents about the kids’ performances”, spoke the Principal of Akal Academy, Ahmedpur while addressing the parents and the audience, on behalf of the members of the Academy.

The event was observed in light of the Akal Academies’ belief of leading the students by example; the Kalgidhar Trust – the charitable organization behind Akal Academies, strongly believes that true values and morals can be instilled into children only when aspiring teachers double up as role models.

Across all of its 129+ schools imparting Value-Based Education across 6450 villages of North India, the organization relentlessly observes development of customized faculties. Aspiring teachers are additionally trained on aspects of spiritual and human values, laying foundation of Noble and Upright character building of the students.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 25th Oct ’13

Leap of Faith: Akal Academy Cheema’s Mandeep Kaur soars high as a “LifeStyle Assistant” in Australia

Our Super Star Alumni of the week Mandeep Kaur, an Amrit-Dhari Sikhni has broken free off all the shackles of an abrasive society that is infamous for its disparities against women. She is currently working as a “LifeStyle Assistant” under Aged Care Unit at ‘Kiaora Nursing House’ in Australia, where she takes care of the elderly people by maintaining a healthy and cheerful lifestyle for them through group activities, exercises, art and craft workshops and takes care of their medical well-being as well!

She completed her entire schooling from village Cheema Akal Academy in 2008. She developed interest in Nursing, upon which a school teacher suggested her to pursue a 2 year Diploma in “Welfare” offered at Australian Institute of Technology & Education (AITE) and guided herabout the career scope involved & other information. Her father being a constant support to her helped her with the application procedure and guided her all through. It was her mathematics teacher Mrs. Seema Rani who supported her family with some funds to help her get her visa.

In a recent interview, she shared with us everything about her journey, from life at her village, memories of her childhood, and her school days at Cheema Akal Academy, to her first day in Australia:

  • She tells us how challenging it was living in amid contrasting environment and friends with contrasting lifestyles.But she manages to have preserved her identity and culture intact.
  • She strongly credits it all to her daat (graced blessing) of “Amrit” (Baptism) and the spiritual-moral values that were instilled into her during the critical early age at Akal Academy, which provided her with a strong foundation and an unshakable faith which keeps her going.
  • Recalling her first day in Australia where she stood nervous in her rare traditional Indian Attire at the reception desk while everyone looked at her with an alien eye.
  • For a few days her Friends were judging and looked down upon her doubting her capabilities, noticing her rural ethnicity and her unusual dress-up, which was uncommon and awkwardly exclusive. But she won their respect in a couple of days.
  • “I have always been treated as a guest with exceptional love & respect because of my courage to stand by my individuality with confidence, in midst of an alien society instead of being submissive & letting the society give shape to her personality without any fear of rejection”, told Mandeep Kaur.
  • Mandeep was also the youngest student at her college where she got a chance to grow upwith a mature set of people.
  • She took up a part-time job alongside studies, which would fetch her about $800 a month, in which she had to manage her expenses and also save to pay for her fees.
  • She refused a job at a food-packaging factory, but since it involved packaging eggs, she could not afford to compromise & refused to the offer to maintain her Sikh Faith.
  • She alongside her ongoing diploma course; took up a vocational course for certificate 3 in “Aged Care” at Australasian Aged Care Collage, upon completion of which, the director of the Institute personally approached her & offered her a Job position at one of her own Aged Care House.
  • Mandeep carried on with her full-time job service as an Aged Care Nurse where she took care of aged people, which included responsibility of medication & vital monitoring in the initial 3 years.
  • She also started preparing for IELTS for fulfilling her eligibility for filling PR application in Australia & successfully nailed it in 2011 after obtaining the required score at the test.

Remembering Life at Village & Difficulties:

Memories from her village, especially life she spent during schooling; she recalls how teachers at school always supported her.

  • Her father Gurdaas Singh, farmer during early years of his life migrated to being a full time dedicated volunteer to serve at the Akal Academy under the guidance of Baba Iqbal Singh JI, Kalgidhar Trust, baru Sahib since childhood.
  • Mandeep Kaur has 2 siblings, both brothers, younger to her, they are also exceptional students of Akal Academies, while one has already completed his schooling & the other just passed +2 with whooping 92%, topping the School.
  • Mandeep tells us how she had to manage taking care of his younger brothers while at the same time help her mother with the house work alongside maintaining good performance at her academics. “When I left, everyone around mothers could feel my mother was at loss, as I was her only helping hand at almost all the things she would do for the home”, she added.
  • About difficult times; the only & the biggest barrier she feels,was the society, which still exists; it did not spare her or her innocent father either. “Everyone at village tried to shatter my father’s confidence in me, by trying to brain wash him about changing his decision of sending me abroad for studies. They said all sort of things to him & to my family, citing that it would be a waste of money & effort to spend on a girl child, they all would suggest dad to spend on my brothers instead, as girls are not worth investing upon”, revealed Mandeep, who now feels proud that her father maintained his confidence in her& remained absorptive & rational at that time of great difficulty & pressure.
  • “I used to feel very agitated upon people & there have been times when I felt like going & giving them back an answerbut then I chose to stay quiet; I feel the silence & the results roar the loudest & are more effective than actual arguments, I feel me & my father have well responded to all the criticism that was ever made my anyone at the village & I hope our example will encourage several others to rise & stand against the abrasive society.”
  • “I appeal to all parents to not ignore educating girl child & pay fair attention towards it. If I can do proud to my Father & be Independent & capable of supporting my family, so can be your daughter too.”


“To all students & other girls, I would recommend reading Sant Attar Singh Ji’s two part life history. I was never a reading person, but only once after I happened to read his life story & about what he stood for all his life, I realized the relevance of our faith, meaning of being a Sikh, especially keeping our hair & our Faith, reason for all those restrictions, rigorous routines & rules we are made to follow”.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 25th Oct ’13

Another Leap of Transformation: Foundation for 124th Akal Academy Branch laid at Sacha Sauda, Jind

Attaining yet another milestone in the ongoing spree of building unique, value based educational schools for rural villages across North India; known for imparting children with unique blend of worldly and spiritual education, the chain of Akal Academies added its 124thpearl on 17th October, laying the foundation stone at Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, Tehsil Safidon (Jind) through the hands of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, President Of The Kalgidhar Trust & Chancellor of  The Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Another Leap of Transformation: Foundation for 124th Akal Academy Branch laid at Sacha Sauda, JindThe inauguration ceremony observed presence of several social, religious and prominent personalities. For the noble purpose of building the Akal Academy at the village, the Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee of SachaSauda donated 4 acres of land to the Baru Sahib’s charitable trust.

The celebration event organized on the occasion inauguration witnessed Kirtan performances by students of Akal Academy Balbhera and Sewak – Kirtaniyas, who had come from Gurdwara Cheema Sahib.

Whist addressing the holy congregation during his speech, Baba Iqbal Singh Ji said that “In today’s time our youth is drowning into the dark ocean of Drug – Alcohol addiction, as a result of which they are losing ground both on Gurbani & Sikhi (that includes articles of faith) – perhaps we decided to impart our children with good education while alongside also imparting them with knowledge & understanding of spirituality & our heritage, so they develop faith in God & be good humans who live by almighty’s virtuous path.”

For the stated purpose, the Kalgidhar Trust, already has 129 Akal Academies spread across 6450 villages, out of which 117 are operational and12 are currently under development phase with the aforesaid adding up to the 124th spot to see its construction phase begin to go full swing; the Academy is keeping the target to initiate admissions as early as in the first quarter of 2014.

Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, on the occasion, also shared details on the on-going Guru Ki Kashi – The ‘Akal University’ project, which undertakes the noble task of bringing to reality the 4th prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Sahib ( The 10th Master). He stated that the work at the location, Sabo Ki Talwandi, is going at full swing with gracious support both from national & international donors of the faith.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ 24th Oct ’13, New Delhi