Bus Services to Baru Sahib

Time takes its curve. There was a time in 1980’s when there were no bus services to Baru Sahib and the only way to reach was, to walk by foot or by horseback from Rajgarh. From the time when the first bus service started in 1986 and then two and now this many, time has taken a beautiful turn indeed!
Take a note of the bus routes and then forget about hassles to commute to Baru Sahib-

Bus Services to Baru Sahib

All Hands Meet – Small Steps towards Bigger Transformation

With a vision in mind and weight in words, today in a special Meeting of the Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib and ‘Save our Sikhs’, Bibek Trust, Sukrit Trust and Guru Angad Dev Educational Welfare Council – Ludhiana, the discussions on the vision of ‘Rural Transformation’ brought a new horizon to the efforts being put in to bring a positive change. The renowned gurpyara’s who are working for the noble cause of promoting rural empowerment were a part of this meeting. Much has been discussed and a lot of plans been made. With grace of God, the efforts put in till now, have borne sweet fruits and will continue to do so in the future as well.

The attendees –

Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji

Mr. Jatinder Singh Uppal

Mr. Jagjeet Singh

Mr. Ravinderpal Singh

Mr. Amrik Singh Pahwa

Mr. Charanjeet Singh

Mr. Jasvinder Singh U.K

Mr. Rajpal Singh

Mr. Sukhdev Singh Laaj

Mr. Joginder Singh

Mr. Ajit Singh

Mr. Kulvinder Singh

~Deeksha Singh
~New Delhi, 28th Sep ’13

Job Openings for Interior Designer and Landscape Engineer

Job Title – Interior Designer

Experience:- 5  yrs

Location:-  Delhi

Educational Background:- Degree/ Diploma  in Designing

Industry Type:- Any

Role:- Permanent

Roles & Responsibility:-

  • Developing initial ideas and acquiring key information about potential projects, discussing, and requirements in detail and setting project schedules;
  • Considering materials and costs according to set budgets and negotiating project fees;
  • Conducting feasibility studies for projects
  • Preparing detailed working drawings, designs, plans, models and schemes, often using computer-aided design (CAD) software;
  • Inspecting and surveying buildings
  • Working in a team with other designers;
  • Supervising work at the design stage and on site
  • Working closely with quantity surveyors to establish costs and work schedules on larger projects, with architects and other design professionals to determine the best use of space, and with manufacturers and contractors;
  • Keeping up to date with new developments in the design industry.

Skills Required :-

  • Creativity and Imagination
  • An eye for design, including colour, and good 3D awareness
  • The ability to visualise concepts and explain them to others
  • Good drawing and IT skills

Salary – As per the potential., Travelling will be required

Company Profile:- The Kalgidhar Trust (One of the largest NGO’s in the field of rural education in North India with 129 schools). If you are interested to apply or can identify any person matching to the above requirement, please send across your CV and in case of any query please feel free to call -Pushpinder Kaur, 8527508389 OR write to – pushpinder.kaur@barusahib.org


Job Title – Landscape Engineer

Experience:- 5  yrs

Location:-  Punjab

Educational Background:- MSC Horticulture

Industry Type:- Any

Role:- Permanent

Roles & Responsibility:-

  • Candidate must consider budget, needs of the project , functionality, government regulations and environmental impact when designing a site.
  • Candidates need to research both natural and man-made features that exist on proposed sites to determine how to improve them and work them into the plans.
  • Required several revisions to the design of the project.
  • When the site plan is completed, Candidate needs to compile reports, cost estimates, photos, illustrations, land use studies and models to create a proposal to according to the demand of the organization.
  • Upon approval of a project, landscape engineers list the needed materials and supplies, as well as construction details.
  • They also ensure that their plans are followed during site construction.
  • Liaising with other professionals such as architects, surveyors, town planners and civil engineers

Skills Required :-

  • Enthusiasm
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Creative skills.

Salary as per the potential, candidates will be offered. Travelling will be required.

Company Profile:- The Kalgidhar Trust (One of the largest NGO’s in the field of rural education in North India with 129 schools). If you are interested to apply or can identify any person matching to the above requirement, please send across your CV and in case of any query please feel free to call -Pushpinder Kaur, 8527508389 OR write to – pushpinder.kaur@barusahib.org

Restoring Smiles, Renewing Lives

Young Sandhya, 23 an inhabitant of a rural village in HP Dist. Bilaspur, had been a prey to a deadly skin infection since childhood. Nothing was normal for her and since she had been constantly losing control on her own self, living with perplexities – trying to settle with the trauma being alienated from her routine life even as she tried to cope up living using only one eye before she could guess her life was about to change!

Restoring Smiles, Renewing LivesHer family learnt about the Free Surgery Medical Camp at Akal Charitable Hospital, Baru Sahib run by the Kalgidhar Society; in an announcement at the village & got in touch with the paramedic staff who visited their home to meet Sandhya & assess her case for treatment at the Hospital where specialist surgeons from Operation Rainbow, Canada were seeing patients requiring plastic surgeries.

On meeting Sandhya, our team learnt that she was going through post-traumatic depression besides the physical disabilities she was living with. Specialized surgeons closely reviewed Sandhya’s case & she was advised to go in for a surgery; a person from hospital was sent to Sandhya’s house to deliver the message to herself & her family.

“It took them over 3 hours to restore Sandhya’s skin & her face but it took less than 3 seconds to restore happiness on her face as she was told that the Doctors from Canada are saying they can restore your eye & cosmetically improve your black mark for free” revealed a local volunteer who worked closely with the paramedic team & visited Sandhya’s house before the surgery.

Contribute in spreading free smiles. Do your bit Here

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 20th Sep ’13

Calling out LOUD – Come one, Come All…

A chance for the poor and downtrodden to be a part of the FREE Medical Camp being held at the Akal Charitable Hospital, Baru Sahib and they can avail medical facilities like never before! They can get operated from renowned doctors from Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala and Jalandar for free of charge.  To much of a surprise, all the operations and surgeries what so ever will also be undertaken, free of cost.

Free Medical Camp at Akal Charitable Hospital

They can avail treatment/consultation from ENT Specialist, Psychiatrist, Surgeon, Physician, Dental Specialist, Gynaecologist and Ortho Specialist (bones and joints) all for FREE.

Date – 27th and 28th September, 2013

Time – 9:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Venue – ACH, Baru Sahib.

There might be some underprivileged that you know, who requires treatment. Spread awareness if you care!

More about the Akal Hospital, Baru Sahib – A 280-bed Free Charitable Hospital was established at Baru Sahib in1992. It is the only fully developed medical center in the rural setting of Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh, with free of cost healthcare facilities that are being provided to the underprivileged children, youth and women of rural and hilly areas, covering an area of a radius of 100 km.

Akal Hospital caters to about 450 patients daily at its OPD. In addition to the routine medical and surgical services, emergencies of all kinds are also attended. Charitable Hospital is the only hospital in the region attending to the rural poor of snake-bite for which expensive antivenin is given. The patients and their attendants travel to Charitable Hospital by bus, horse or on foot, undertaking quite long and arduous journey in difficult terrains to get rid of deadly diseases completely free of cost, the treatments that would normally cost up to Rs.100,000.

Much is being done, A lot more needs to be done. Do your bit here – DONATE NOW

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 19th Sep ’13

India Giving Challenge – Help us WIN the fight against all odds!

Dream to transform India, free from all the rural India problems? Give your dream a take off pad with The Kalgidhar Society.

The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib, is a non-profit charitable organisation focussed on providing quality education to fight against the alarming rise in drugs and alcohol abuse. With equal stress on Healthcare, Women Empowerment and Social Welfare, the organisation has been instrumental in the socio-economic upliftment of the poor in the far-flung rural areas of North India.

This is a Responsibility you can also Share!

Today the rural areas of  Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan, and the backward hilly areas of  Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are dotted with 129 low cost CBSE Schools, providing modern, value-based education to around 60,000 students. The students are mostly from the deprived sections of society, admitted regardless of caste, creed, region, religion and social status. The aim is to build a total of 500 low cost schools to provide value-based education to all children at the village level.

A 280-bed Free Charitable Hospital has been established at Baru Sahib. It is the only fully developed medical center in the rural setting of Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh, here free of cost healthcare facilities are provided to the underprivileged children, youth and women of rural and hilly areas, virtually at their doorsteps, covering an area of a radius of 100 km.

Thos who know Do, Those that understand, Donate

Rural Transformation Happens Here…

The Kalgidhar Society alongwith Give India Challenge together are at war against rural problems!

Help The Kalgidhar Society WIN this DONATION Competition – India Giving Challenge! It’s time to share your Daswand for a noble cause!

This challenge will help us WIN a handsome amount as a grant in turn helping our organisation to march forward towards this great cause of – Reaching out to the underprivileged.

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Village Gurmat Drive – Restoring the Virtues of True Sikhi

With the help of experienced volunteer’s, Keertaniya’s & Katha Vaachak’s  from Cheema Sahib Gurudwara, Village Gurmat Drive organized by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib has been conducting Samagams at every small & remote rural village where people need to be enlightened. This Drive has moved forward understanding the need of the hour and addressing the problems hand in hand. Punjab, being a land of the pious, is ironically losing its ground over true Sikhi rampantly, which has lead the youth crippled at the hands of alcohol & drug abuse.

Unfortunately quite a small section amongst the society is able to see the subtle link between the Drugs and declining Sikhi values, due to illiteracy.

The Kalgidhar Trust identified & strongly felt the need to awaken spirit of Sikhism amongst the people of Punjab by restoring spirituality to built high moral character & social responsibility. Target zones to begin with, were the rural villages of Punjab, where most of the population is illiterate.

Come be a part of the Drive and help transforming lives!

~ Ramandeep Singh,
~ New Delhi, 9th Sep ’13

Pics from one such event held at village “Datewaas”

Making Reading – A Pleasurable Experience with ‘Reading Corners’

With a firm belief in the saying -“A child that reads is a successful child”; imparting education and encouraging reading habits in young children is the need of the hour.

In the wake of imparting quality education and inculcating reading habits among the students, Akal Academy has understood the importance of Reading Corners. Making reading a pleasurable experience for the kids, developing healthy psychology and interest amongst the kids, is the priority.

Learning is FunChildren who read every day at age of three, have a vocabulary at age five which is nearly two months more advanced than those who are not. A child taken to the library on a monthly basis from age three to five is two and a half months ahead of an equivalent child at age five who did not visit the library so regularly. Thus, the Reading Corner concept!

Witness how kids at Akal Academy, love to read at the Reading Corner. The concept is being followed across all 129 Akal Academies being run by The Kalgidhar Trust. We have put in a step forward to inspire kids to read in their free time and making them realize the importance of reading to be a learned person in the future.

Constant efforts are being put in to maintain & regularly update Reading Corners to not only provide the required inspiration but also to keep the children motivated through their vivid ambience with reading material that entices them to spend time reading.

Want to help us support Rural Education? Click here – www.DeedaDay.in

For donations, click here – www.BaruSahib.org

Punjab & Sind Bank supports Akal Academies with Swiss made Ultra Filtration Water Treatment Plants under CSR initiative

In a measure to combat problem related to shortage & cleanliness of drinking water, which has become a major national concern countrywide, Akal Academies have started installing heavy-duty Swiss made Ultra-filtration water treatment plants in their rural schools.

Implementation of the Water Purification Systems The project implementation of these state-of-the-art purification systems is sponsored & supported by Punjab & Sind Bank, taken up as a measure under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). After PFC and SJVN, PSB has been quite sympathetic to the needs of rural India in their CSR spends by holding hands for The Kalgidhar Trust in their noble mission of ‘Rural Transformation’.

The current project is aimed at covering 4 Akal Academies viz. Chunni Kalan, Reethkheri, Balbehra and Baru Sahib.The first phase of the project saw its successful completion on 8th Sept when the first state-of-art Swiss Plant was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner, Mohali, Mr. T.P.S. Sidhu at Akal Academy, Chunni Kalan.

“Problem of pollution is affecting every aspect of our life & environment, because of which several deadly diseases are spreading. Water is most critical need of every being & since polluted water is contaminating clean drinking water, the water-borne diseases have grown deadly,” stated DC Mr.Sidhu, “I also appreciate Akal Academies’ system of providing higher-education blended with spirituality to the students.”

In our country, every year, an estimated 3.77 crore people fall prey to water-borne diseases, in which the count of children remains very high, stated Mr. Iqbal Singh Bhatia, GM Punjab & Sind Bank, who presided over the inauguration event.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 10th Sep ’13