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Akal Child Welfare Foundation In Action.

Orphaned children face the risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance and criminality.

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Nurturing for a Global Citizen

The Children are provided education in Akal Academy, nuturing them for a future global Citizen.


Support Generously

Most of the young children in rural North India have to stay at home due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities around their villages. They indulge in household work or child labor. Your sponsorship could change that. Your donation is tax exempt. The Kalgidhar Society is a registered charitable organization in USA, Canada, UK and India.

How We Do?

Child Welfare Foundation

We, at The Kalgidhar Trust – Baru Sahib run an orphanage by the name ‘Child Welfare Foundation’ at Baru Sahib, which brings up several orphans with love and care.

Child Welfare Foundation

Orphaned children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, poor educational performance and criminality. Their care in tender age is essential to save them from such maladies and to render them facility for normal growth and development.

Our Investment

These orphaned children irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or region to which they belong are given all the facilities so that they grow up to be responsible, honest and hard working citizens.

Changing Lives

The Trust looks after all their basic needs including boarding, lodging, medical and health care. Along with their spiritual uplift, such children become professionally trained to live honourable life and eventually become an asset to the society and the nation.

Our Impact

298 Orphans are Benefited

Testimonials / Research

  • We are greatful for the opportunity to have come here and spent 12 days in God’s Country. Beatiful vibrations, great views, excellent hikes, lovely children, generous hosts, good and spiritual discussions, innocent laughter. If heaven is possible in the realm of this world, it is here. To say “Thank You” will be seriously understanding our sentiments. Our vocabulary fails to describe our feelings of gratitude and bliss.
    Dave S. Maan & Rani Maan, Operation Rainbow, Canada, 13767-55A Avenue, Surrey
  • A Divine experience. The inspiration behind this tremendous task shines in every part of this complex. Our prayers are offered to the almighty at this house of the Lord so that his mission is fully accomplished
    Siddharth Chattopadhyaya, IG/Prov. BSF/HO’s, New Delhi
  • What I heard, it is much more than that. This is a place worth visiting and taking a part in this movement. Students of villages are being given Free Education and all other facilities. The Rural School results are highly impressive. Government of India, Indian State Governments & Punjab Chief Minister should adopt this as a Model. Foreign students are happy. Baba Iqbal Singh is a blessed soul. May Satguru give all success to The Kalgidhar Trust!
    Tarlochan Singh MP (RS) , Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission, New Delhi
  • Kalgidhar Society aims to build superior human Character and high moral values as a way to establish permanent world peace.
    KPMG, cutting through complexity