‘Work on your aspirations, just don’t scream. A day will surely arrive when you’ll fulfill your dreams.’ These are not just mere words, sometimes the most legendary examples are often found hidden in them.

One such example was Harkeerat Singh who lives in Puranpur, U.P. He was raised in family of farmer. Like every other parents, his parents too had a dream to see their son become a successful person in life. With such a vision, he was sent to Akal Academy Gomti, U.P.

After spending several years of schooling in Akal Academy, he felt a drastic change in his persona which was enriched with values of spirituality. Harkeerat decided to shift to the main branch of Akal Academy to pursue his Xth Grade. He spent his last two years of schooling in Akal Academy, Baru Sahib.

Since he was already modified with spiritual values, it became easier for him to adjust in the Divine Environment of Baru Sahib.

He aspired to set up his own business someday. But it wasn’t easy as the financial conditions of the family were not strong to support his venture. He passed his XIIth Grade with an average percentage (62%) and started building his career path. He went to Lovely Professional University to pursue his B.B.A. and the course had further polished his talent and innovative ideas.

So, he decided to pursue his MBA in the same University to a firm grip of the concept of “Business”. Harkeerat was also fond of sketching.

“A Talented man is never known with the money he earns, but with the talent he shows”

Harkeerat was offered job by several companies. And he will be appointed as an Assistant HR in a company named “Galfar Constructing & Engineering Company”

Harkeerat strongly believes he will surely be able to fulfill his dream of starting his own business soon.

He recalls “The main feature of the institution was that I was counseled and polished in a way that never give up in life. I miss Dr. Veerji (Director) and Colonel Sir. Thank you So much for making me what I am today.”

~ Jagpal Singh