He was only three when he was brought to Akal Academy, Bilga from where he began his journey of primary education and basics of divinity. Gurdeep Singh belonged to Phillaur district in Jalandhar,Punjab.

It was a blissful sight for his parents to see their child do ‘Nitnem’ on a regular basis.

The divine values could be easily observed in his upbringing. He would come home and convince his parents to recite gurbani. This gave his parents immense exhilaration and joy. And after completing the sixteen years of his studies, he went to Lovely Professional University to pursue his B.Com.

Gurdeep experienced the worst nightmare of his life & everything came to a standstill. He was a fitness freak and would go to the gym everyday.

One day while doing his workout, he got severely injured. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and the reports indicated that he had torn his back muscle which caused him an excruciating pain on his spinal cord.

His injury had ruined his dreams . As, he was put on bed rest for almost an year. He had many sleepless painful nights. It was the most depressing phase of life. His injury even ruined his decision to go abroad and study.

But, he did not lose hope and regularly did his ‘Nitnem’. He had a strong faith that one day he could stand up on his feet once again and make it to his dreams.

He decided to continue his studies and was all set to once again revise his efforts and become a businessman.

Million people exist who explain their problems to others. Among those million there are certain people who tell you about how he overcame them. These are known as real life heroes.