Self belief and hard work will always earn you success.’- Navjot Kaur

Everyone is gifted with a talent or a specialty by God. Some people chase success, but the key is chasing excellence because if you chase excellence, ultimately success may chase you.

Navjot Kaur an alumnus of Eternal University, Baru sahib had a keen interest in the mechanism of software. She wanted to study and work hard on technological accessories. Lost in daydreams of opening her own business enterprise in her field some day.

On one hand she was chasing her dreams and on the other end financial problems at home were pulling her away from her goals. The worst outcome of this circumstance did not let her pursue higher schooling.

Not giving up to these hardships, she restarted her life journey again. She decided to pursue a diploma of computer science after she completing her tenth standard.

She went to Government girls Polytechnic college of Patiala for her course in Computer science. Her vision was quite clear from the very beginning and nothing could tear her determination.

The next chapter on the book of her life was an enriching experience of Eternal University which brought a new shape to her personality. She pursued her B.Tech at Eternal University.

The spiritual and divine values cast a spell on her mind. The aura of divine valley was entirely out of the world. Following her aspiration in software mechanics. she pursued a course of 6 months from Chandigarh in a training of Android.

Navjot Kaur is today working in Android at Quark Media corporation in Mohali. She is planning to experience mechanics in machinery for some years and finally wishes to open up her own business enterprise in her field.

‘If you are dreaming of a goal, you must stay committed to make it happen.’