I am Jatinder Singh Gill from U.P., alumnus of Akal Academy Baru Sahib from where I completed my entire schooling and Eternal University’s Akal College of Engineering & Technology, from where I pursued my B.Tech post completing my schooling in the year 2008.

Coming from a farming family background & being employed as an engineer with a company like HCL in the main city is nothing less than a journey of dreams for me. I belong to a simpleton middle class agrarian family, that, with the grace of almighty, decided to send their child to Baru Sahib for education; I am deeply grateful to almighty and feel lucky to have had the fortune of having spent my entire academic life at the divine valley of Baru Sahib.

After having spent a major part of my life at Baru Sahib, I am now able to clearly see the difference in environment outside and that which I experienced during my education years; atmosphere at Baru Sahib has a unique element of spirituality that is conducive for a great all round growth of an individual  both academically & spiritually. The unique module of providing worldly education alongside spiritual knowledge is found nowhere else.

Personally, the most fruitful things for a rural like me was the English speaking environment that existed both during the school and the campus, the teachers very beautifully imbibed the English speaking habits into the students, who otherwise would never get a chance to practice their skills over the language elsewhere due to constraints & cultural differences in the rural regions from where students like me belong.

Dr. Davinder Singh Sir, Principal Amardeep Singh Sir (who has now gone to USA) and Gaur Sir, our chemistry teacher; they have been the most inspiring personalities that have deeply affected my life – my special regards and wishes to them.

Currently, I am planning to gain at least a couple of years of experience before I look forward to do my masters; I will start preparing for it soon and may plan to go abroad after a year or so. I deeply wish more development for the Akal Academies run by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, with more penetration, especially in the rural and remote regions where parents are unable to send their kids to the school or provide them quality education due to several constraints like distance, facilities, financials, etc. , I wish more academies like Akal Academies reach their doorstep and provide them all the modern facilities so that their children can be benefitted to the best extent possible.

Also, I feel that parents, especially in rural areas should understand that it’s a critical responsibility of them to send their children to school because if they do so then their children will become independent as they grow up; hence they should fully support, inspire and motivate their children to go to school; it’s a win-win situation for both of them as the kids will in turn support them once they grow up.

On the other hand I feel that the students should also dedicatedly involve themselves into education and also at the same time into spirituality including ‘Paath’ as it helps one develop moral & religious values and sense of responsibility towards society and also helps one keep away from habits of Drug/Alcohol addictions which are looming large amongst the youth in the present times. In today’s time, it’s most important for us to understand the value of our heritage – we should understand who we are and be what we are, we should not be influenced by external cultures, but should preserve and carry forward our own traditions and culture.

For fellow students, I would wish to convey few of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s messages to them –

  1. “Try to be live example for others to follow”
  2. “Focus on developing strong communication skills, especially in English because the companies can and will duly teach you technical skills in no time but communication and English is what you must inherit from/during their school level.”
  3. “ ‘Paath’ and Spirituality will always benefit you throughout your life, at every step.”