Give India has been a consistent support and a pat on the back that keeps us, The Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib on our way to great work in the field of Rural Transformation, Women Empowerment celebrating our mission to establish permanent peace through value based education. With an established trust and faith of the donors in our policies and practices, #GiveIndia has added on to the good name for our Organisation adding its own credibility and giving all the small scale and large NGO's a platform to establish great work the organisations are doing individually through India Giving Challenge. We are proud enough to be associated with #GiveIndia and the regular campaigns that do good for both our us together helping us do good for the society Together. Through this effort many a lives will change for good. Many a poor and underprivileged children would see the light of education in their lives. Three Cheers for the Long Lasting Relationship and the Ever Lasting Respect for each other... ~ Deeksha Singh ~ New Delhi, 27th Oct '14