Delivering Quality Healthcare in Remote Areas

Free-of-cost healthcare facilities are provided to underprivileged rural and hilly people, locally at their doorsteps. Catering to the medical needs of patients covering an area of a radius of 100 Km. Hospital catering to the medical needs of Sirmour district which is one of the most backward district of Himachal Pradesh.

Patient at Akal Charitable Hospital

Akal Charitable Hospital

It is a 100-bedded ultra-modern state-of-the-art hospital established in Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh to cater to the highly rural and poor population of the region. The hospital caters to the medical needs of people residing as far as 100 km. The hospital provides all in-patient and out-patient services, including allopathic treatment (cardiology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, ENT, dental etc.) and alternative medicine (homeopathy, ayurvedic, acupressure etc.). The services are totally free of cost including lodging and boarding for both patient and attendant.

The hospital also offers exceptional healthcare services which are not available in the other hospitals in the vicinity, such as antivenin for snake bites etc.

Bedded Hospital at Baru Sahib
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Patients treated free annually in OPD and 4-5 medical camps
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Patients operate free in 4-5 multi surgical camps at Baru Sahib

Services Provided

Internal medicine and Cardiology | Ophthalmology | Ear, Nose and Throat |
Gynaecology and obstetrics | Dental problems | Eye Surgery | General Surgery | ENT Surgery

Free Medical Camps

The Akal Charitable Hospital organizes 4-5 free medical camps a year. Medical specialists from across the world volunteer to offer their services at these camps. People from all castes, creeds, colours, and religions are welcome to the camp and receive free medical checkups and treatments, dental care, surgical procedures and post-operative medical care. All patients and their accompanying family members receive free accommodations and meals.

Baru Sahib Akal Hospital
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