The Kalgidhar Society – a Trusted NGO for CSR

The Kalgidhar Society is a leading national-level NGO for CSR projects in India. Having a presence and outreach in remote rural areas in 5 states, the Foundation has directly impacted more than 5 lakh lives so far.

Working towards an overarching goal of poverty alleviation, TKS engages in CSR initiatives for inclusive and sustainable development and growth at the grassroots. TKS has been a leading implementing agency for impactful multi-sectoral CSR initiatives in Education, Health, Water and Sanitation, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Environment, etc. and has partnered with reputed public sector enterprises and corporates.

Driven by the development needs at village level, TKS has been strengthening the grassroots through Integrated and Holistic Rural Development Projects with an aim of creating self-sustaining communities.

The strength of TKS lies in its expertise and rich experience of executing CSR projects for more than a decade and having in place robust management systems and processes to ensure project outcomes and sustainability.

Extensive use of digital tools, dedicated web-based software and mobile apps for database management, execution, monitoring and impact evaluation and assessment ensure transparency and accountability from project execution to monitoring and impact assessment.


Ways to Partner With Us

Adopt a project

If you join a project, you can choose to support an entire project or just a portion of it, depending on its focus area-such as Education, Health, Institutional Care, Women Education and Skill Development Training and School Infrastructure. Our work extends across issues and geographies and therefore you have the flexibility to pick what is important to you.

Employee Engagement

Allow your staff the ability to make positive improvements by fundraising and skill-based volunteering in the lives of marginalized communities. We work in the fields of Education, Women’s Empowerment and Environmental Wellbeing. Employees may also select the causes they are passionate about, and support by providing payroll and volunteer time.

Payroll Giving

Your CSR initiative can be a great way to get the staff involved too. TKS Payroll Donation Scheme gives workers an effective way to feel linked to the social cause that the organisation has taken on. Employees should devote a certain amount of their monthly salaries to make a difference in society. This is an automated method once in place, which is less time-consuming.

Other ways to partner

TKS has a lot of other ways you can partner with. You can sponsor a child or events, take on the cost of certain expenses, or just for you. Our team would be delighted to contact you at your convenience.

Key Corporate Partners

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