Empowering Women for Building Nation

Despite a constitution that enshrines gender equality, women in India suffer at the hands of patriarchy and unequal rights as well as discrimination in access to education, employment, healthcare etc. This disadvantage throws them into the vicious cycle of poverty, violence, drug and alcohol abuse etc.

The Kalgidhar Society has introduced this program AIRWE which provides education and employment opportunities to women so that they can lead a respectable and independent life. In addition to that, rehabilitation of women in very vulnerable situations so that they can lead a life of dignity.

Education and Skill

Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment (AIRWE) is a FREE residential program run by The Kalgidhar Society for underprivileged young women from remote areas of North India. They are provided education with a blend of modern scientific teaching and spiritual learning, which usually take 4-6 years, depending upon their aptitude at the time of admission.

The centre is affiliated with the NIOS board and Eternal University (UGC approved).

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Leading Towards a
Life of dignity

After completing education here, these girls quickly become eligible enough to secure service as educators or administrators in reputed schools.

During their stay in this academy, these students avail free boarding, lodging, medical and other facilities. The programme also empowers the young girls emotionally, morally, and intellectually, instilling in them the virtues of selfless service, universal brotherhood, and a solid character to become future good human beings who will bring change in society for a better tomorrow.

Empower Women to Empower Society

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Book on Drug-Addiction launched on Internaltional Day Against Drug-Abuse

Alcohol addiction and drug abuse are affecting millions of people across the world. Globally Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit trafficking drugs are responsible for the death of more than 11 million people every year. While professional clinics, rehab centres, and mutual help groups are doing their job, quality books on addiction and recovery also offer much help.

The book ‘Drug Addiction’ by Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh, (MBBS, DPM, MD- former Senior Advisor (Psychiatry) Armed Forces was released through video conference on June 26, International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Dr Rajinder Singh reading the Book Drug Addiction

The book covers the epidemiology and aetiology of drug abuse and discusses several of its most devastating health and social consequences. He highlighted the popular misconceptions about Mental Disorders and stressed the continued need of incorporating spirituality into the treatment plans to fill the voids that drug addicts may be trying to fill with drugs or alcohol.

Dr (Col ) Rajinder Singh said ‘Self-help books are not a replacement for professional care and comprehensive treatment programmes, but one can use them to find emotional sobriety in their journey to recovery. In my book, I have shared vivid experiences to help readers understand the problem of addiction and substance abuse on a deeper level. This book is not just about overcoming addiction, it’s about overcoming your fears, taking ownership of your flaws, and making efforts to make better choices. My book also strongly empowers the reader with the information on how hope and deeper knowledge about addiction can help someone to struggle with their demons and to shed light on those who are currently dealing with an addicted loved one. It charts the path to a lifetime of faith, healing, and happiness.’

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Hon’ble Baba Iqbal Singh ji inspired Dr Singh to blend the spiritual component with the treatment regimen. Baba Ji has resurrected the Eastern Philosophy and has integrated the spiritual values with modern education and delivery of health care including the burning problem of drug abuse. The book was released by, revered Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, president, The Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib. The trust runs two drug -de-addiction centres, one in Punjab and
another in Himachal.

Dr (Col) Rajinder Singh, After initial stint of Civil Service he joined Army and retired in 1991 and is in voluntary social service since then. He is managing a Charitable dispensary in Gurdwara Shiri Guru Teg Bahadur Sector 34, Chandigarh where around 30 doctors and specialists in various disciplines of medicine are rendering social service. In addition, he is running two Drug-De-addiction Centers in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh under the aegis of  Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib.

Dr Debasish Basu, PGI Professor and HOD Psychiatry Department, who was the chief guest of the event said “This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to successfully combat the challenging problem of drug addiction. Before anything else, this book helps to identify the reasons why person becomes addicted to certain substances, drugs. By being able to understand the sources and causes of the problem, it gets easy to choose the right method in addressing the issue. The rehabilitation process becomes more effective Information regarding the stages of drug addiction is also covered in the book.”

Along with this book, a 24/7-helpline number is also launched which will cater to the distress calls of drug addict patients or their family members. The number is: 7588064720

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~ 28.06.21

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A teacher is a candle which ignites the lamp of education in many others and your support for the education to an underprivileged young girl wishing to become a Teacher, can bless her to see her dream getting realized at Teacher  Training Program at AIRWE

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