All in One, One in All

Besides promoting rural education, the main aim of The Kalgidhar Society, we also welcome the sufferers of the society into our folds. Old Age Home and Orphanage, operated at Baru Sahib Headoffice, is a proof of our commitment to serving the other segments of society. They are served free food, clothing, medical services, and lodging. Orphaned children are provided with free education, so they grow up as responsible, honest, and hard-working citizens.

Nurturing for a
Global Citizen

Orphaned children are at a much higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, suicide, crime, and poor educational performance. Shelter and care are essential to save them from such challenges and give them a chance at a happy life. To help such orphaned children, The Kalgidhar Society established the Akal orphanage which gives shelter to orphaned children of all castes, creeds, and religions.

Society looks after all their basic needs including boarding, lodging, medical and health care. Helping them engage in spirituality, such children are taught to live an honourable life and eventually become an asset to society and the nation in the form of responsible, honest, and hardworking citizens.

The children are provided education and professional training to make them employable. They are recruited as professionals in various capacities in the society as well. The spiritual beliefs and values give them the strength and the confidence to lead an honourable life. A life where they are humble, confident and self-reliant, they eventually become an asset to our society.

A New
Lease of Life

With their dwindling financial resources and weakening health, the elderly are often perceived as a burden and even while living within the family, may face neglect. The most severely isolated and lonely are people over 75, particularly older women, those who are widowed and those living alone who are considered burdens. An old-age home has been set up at Baru Sahib for numerous elderly people to help them lead a life of dignity. Some of them are trained professionals while some are retired officers/officials from various departments – civil, army, accounts, income tax, science, medicine, engineering, etc.

The Old Age Home provides a variety of activities to meet there diverse needs. All their daily needs including food, medical services, lodging and clothing are taken care of by the Society. The elderly provide voluntary services in fields which commensurate with their qualifications and experience.

Together, they engage in spiritual activities and share their learning with each other. Helping the elderly engage in activities brings back their zest of life as they get involved and are busy. It makes them feel useful and worthwhile, which the elderly often lack

A New

The Kalgidhar Society, has set up a home for widows and destitute women at Baru Sahib that houses several unfortunate women who have lost their husbands or have been discarded by their families.

We provide these women with various vocational courses and employment opportunities to earn and live with honour and self-respect. Their medical, physical and dietary needs including boarding, lodging and clothing, etc. are provided for free.

The Home for Widows and Destitute Women ensures an honourable life for these women in a safe and secure environment and help them raise their kids in serene, healthy and comfortable surroundings.