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The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib is working towards a long-term and sustainable transformation in communities by addressing the root causes. We are working towards social change, which is a constant and complex phenomenon. It requires slow, gradual and long term process through a strong policy framework as it involves changes in traditions, customs. The programs led by The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib are spread across areas of work with emphasized focus on education and empowerment of women. Here is a brief overview of the areas of work.



The program is focused on promoting value-based quality education and spiritual uplift to underprivileged and deprived rural masses in far-flung rural areas of North India. We have provided support to nearly 70,000 rural children so far.

129 Rural Academies | Universities


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT teacher training

In a society where people are indulging in female, The Kalgidhar Society is laying a great emphasis on empowering women, especially those who are destitute or in vulnerable situations. It is ensured that women receive equal opportunity in all programs of the society, and various interventions have been designed specifically for women and girls, such as teacher training program, skill development program, higher education courses etc.

Skill Development for women | Sponsorship Program


heath Care Akal Charitable Hospital

Kalgidhar Society believes in giving back to the community. The Society runs various programs which provide state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to people from rural communities who cannot access high-quality healthcare services. Moreover, to address the root causes of various evils in the community, the Society also runs three rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol patients.

Charitable Hospital | Free Medical Camps | Drug Deaddiction Centers | Community Health



To make sure that everyone leads an honorable and respectable life, the Kalgidhar Society has taken up various initiatives which extend a helping hand to those who need the most, such as elderly, abandoned children and women, people affected by disasters, those living in poverty etc. We have established centers where such vulnerable groups can seek shelter and safety.

Disaster Relief | Community Development


Environment in Rural villages

The Kalgidhar Society has always taken the initiative to keep the environment clean and friendly and the large solar energy plants are proof of this. Multiple initiatives taken by the Society towards Solar energy plants, waste management and plantation drives speak volumes about the commitment of the organization towards the environment and saving mother Earth.

Solar Footprints | Waste Management | Green Lungs