Dear Friends,

I won so many medals for India while playing across the world, and never have I been asked to remove my turban.

Exactly opposite happened last month to two young basketball players from India – Amarpal and Amjyot Singh. They were representing India at the Asia Cup Championship in China.

Just before the game, both of them were asked to remove their turbans if they wanted to play. They were told that wearing turbans violated the rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

This is a shame! How can our country’s top sportsmen be humiliated like that?
Sign this petition and ask FIBA to change its policies. Sikhs should be able to play with their turban on if they want to.

My faith and religion have played a big part in my successful career. FIBA’s policies should be more sensitive to people’s faith. Sign this petition and tell them so.

If atleast 25,000 people sign this petition, FIBA will know that this is an issue of great importance and change its policies to be more sensitive.

After you sign this petition, forward my mail to your friends and family. Let us support our country’s sportsmen in every way that we can.

Jai Hind.

The Flying Sikh