Sant Attar Singh Ji was born at village Cheema, District Sangrur(Punjab) on 1st ‘Chet Sudi Ekam’ in 1923 of ‘Bikrami’ calendar ( 17th March, Year 1866 ) to Mother Bholi Kaur & Father Karam Singh. He learned Punjabi-Gurmukhi language writing & reading at a Dera in village from Bhai Boota Singh. He worked alongside his father to look after house work & agriculture at the fields.  In the year 1883, after taking permission from the parents, he joined the army as per the will of the Almighty God; in the army itself, he took up baptism in the form of Amrit from 5 Piyaras, as per the customs of Guru’s House.

Sant Baba Attar Singh Mastuane Wale – Birth Anniversary Special
In the year 1888 he resigned from the Army Service and travelled to Hazoor Sahib Nanded from Dera Ganzi Khan by foot. At Hazoor Sahib, for around 2 years, he underwent non-stop meditation alongside Mool-Mantra, Guru Shabads & countless Japji Sahib Paath recitations. Then from Hazoor Sahib he travelled to Haridwar & Rishikesh by foot; for 1 year he practiced meditation upon Naam.

At village ‘Shaha Di Deari’, on request of Bhai Gurmukh Singh, he stayed at his place for 9 months & performed non-stop Paaths of Guru Granth Sahib. After visiting Panja Sahib, he meditated at a peaceful hill near Kumhari. In the year 1893, near village Kanoha, in a dense forest, Sant Ji , without intake of any food or liquid, at first, for 40 days, then for 6 months and then for a year; stayed in profound meditative state non-stop. Because of this great meditation, Sant Ji’s pious influence widespread across the region and ‘Sangat’ started getting attracted for his glance; Shabad Kirtan started alongside distribution of ‘Guru’s Langar’.

During his lifespan, he, through the 5 Piyaras of his group, got an estimated 14lac+ people Baptized through Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj’s graced ‘Amrit’ of ‘Khanda-Bata’ & got them connected to the Guru. Several prominent personalities of the ‘Panth’ like Master Tara Singh, Bhai Harkishan Singh, Malak Mohan Singh, and Ex-Ambassador Malak Hardit Singh, Sant Teja Singh (M.A.L.L.B, A.M. Harvard University U.S.A) and many Sikh Raja Maharaja’s of Sikh Regimes also took up ‘Amrit’ through 5 Piyaras of Sant Attar Singh Ji.

He also did great work in the field of education. Opened a Girls’ School at Mustuana Sahib in the year 1906 and then opened Schools for Boys and established Akal Degree College. Established a Big Centre at Mastuana Sahib and started imparting worldly scientific education alongside Guru Nanak’s Divine Knowledge. He departed this world to unite with the Divine Light on 1 February 1927.