Dear Sadh Sangat
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

The Turban has been India’s cultural identity since ages and has been preserved in a time-capsule by the Sikhs, as ordained by the Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh. The identity and honour of any Sikh is the Turban. Pls see

We are extremely pained to know that FIBA has debarred Indian Sikh Players from playing International Basketball with their heads covered with a Patka.

To create awareness and to impress upon the law-makers, we started this online petition on from 26 July 2014. Sikhs have always sported a Turban or a Patka during Sports and never have been asked to remove their headgear.

I would humbly request FIBA to review this decision positively and allow Sikhs to play with their turban on if they want to.
Sports should never discriminate on Religion.

We have had support from all corners, across all religions, across all castes and colour nationally and internationally.

We appeal to all fellow-brothers / readers to sign this petition and forward the message to atleast 5 of their friends & family.

Let us support our country’s sportsmen in every way that we can! Do your bit NOW!

May All Humanity Prosper!

Iqbal Singh Ji (Baba) signature

The Kalgidhar Society
Baru Sahib