Minister Harjit Sajjan and 2 year old Sophia took a tour of Parliament today. Little Sophia, wanted to see Canada’s defense minister on 1st july , Canada day but her parents could not reach because of heavy rains.

She cried, a lot back to house but at her request Harjit singh sajjan, hosted a special visit to the Parliament. Sophia said ” when I grow up, I want to be PM of Canada”.

When the tearful video of her went viral Minister Sajjan quickly responded with his own video inviting her to the National Parliament, “I’m so sorry I missed you in Ottawa… but my staff is going to get in touch with your parents and try to arrange that we can meet. I’m looking forward to meeting your because one of my goals is meet with future leaders of Canada.

True to his word only a few days later Sophia was greeted at Parliament by Minister Sajjan. Needless to say it is very charming that the Minister of Defence, fourth in line of succession from the P.M., to spend his time with this tiny super-fan.