Kudos to Milkha Singh!

“It’s a remarkable story and off course we are ready to help. We will do maximum from our Milkha Charitable Trust but will defiantly come short as the robotic arms, which will not only be functional for him but will make his life easier to some extent, come at around `40-50 lakh. As such we are asking the general public to come and help us in the effort,” Milkha said.

At a recent skating event, Chandeep won a bronze medal at the All India Roller Skating Championship held in Uttarakhand.

“I have learned to balance myself when on quads. Earlier, I used to play football but after the accident I switched to skating. My father and my elder sister are source of my encouragement and help me with the game,” Chandeep said, who studies in class 12th in Banyan International School, Jammu.

“The USA has a successful programme running there in which they are helping wounded soldiers injured in various conflicts. We will try and get some kind of subsidy or discount from The USA also. The idea is to help Chandeep gain some mobility from his arms. At present he uses his feet to use the laptop and for other things. We are hoping that his story inspires people to come forward with donations,” Milkha said.

Real success is driven by Will Power & Determination!

~ Source: Ajit