Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji ! Please read this entire paragraph, it will change your perspective. The night before the battle of Chamkaur Sahib, Guru Sahib and the whole Khalsa Fauj was sleeping at a sevadaar named Roop Chand Ji's house. While staying in Anandpur Sahib for the last 8 months, the whole Fauj barely slept and and barely ate. At Roop Chand Ji's house, they finally ate a full meal and all the GurSikhs decided to sleep, all except for Bhai Madan Singh Ji, who stayed up for guard duty. But barely having sleep for the past 8 months, he was very tired. All the other GurSikhs fell asleep right away.. but Bhai Madan Singh knew that he had to stay awake because he was on guard duty and he had to make sure that no one came to attack at night. So while on guard duty, Bhai Madan Singh Ji was so tired that every few minutes, his eyes started closing and his head leaned down. Every time this would happen, he would abruptly pull his head back up and tell himself to wake up. But still, being sleep deprived for 8 months. Bhai Madan Singh was having a very hard time staying awake. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was also awake. While Bhai Madan Singh Ji was guarding, Guru Gobind Singh Ji came upstairs and as Bhai Madan Singh Ji saw him, he quickly jumped up and put his hands together saying, “Guru Sahib, why are you still up, how come you aren’t sleeping?” Guru Gobind Singh Ji replied to him saying, “Madan Singh.. in my life many people have come to me to ask for things, to beg for something, to ask for favors.. but today, I want to ask you for a favor. I want to ask you to give me something.” When Bhai Madan Singh heard this from Guru Sahib, he started to cry saying “What can I offer? You are Sache Patsha… Guru Gobind Singh Jee. I am not even worthy to the dust of your feet, what can I offer you?” Hearing this, Guru Sahib replied by telling him how hard and bravely he and the whole Fauj had been fighting despite of lack of food/sleep. He knew how tired they all were. Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked for his favor.. “Madan Singh, I want you to go to sleep so I can stay on guard duty.” Hearing this, Bhai Madan Singh started weeping and said “No.. but you are the Guru and you have also had a tough time. You should go to sleep Guru Sahib Jee, this is my duty.. please sleep.” But Guru Gobind Singh Ji still refused. Hearing this Bhai Madan Singh told Guru Sahib that they could do the guard duty tomorrow. He wanted Guru Ji to get atleast one good night of sleep. But Guru Gobind Singh Ji told him that who knows if tomorrow night is going to come? Who knows if we are still going to be alive? Bhai Madan Singh Jee didn’t want to give up the guard duty but his hand, holding the shastar, was shaking so much that he let Guru Sahib stay on guard duty and went to sleep. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj stayed up on guard duty all night. Not caring about himself, just his Khalsa Fauj, his committed children. While on guard duty, he was walking around and he came to the room where all his GurSikhs were sleeping.. and what he noticed was that all his Fauj was so tired that they were completely out of reality. Some of their dastars had fallen off their heads that's how deeply lost in they were in their sleep. Guru Sahib also noticed that the GurSikh’s hand’s were swollen and bruised up because the last 8 months, they were holding shasters for 17-18 hours a day. Their feet were also swollen. So Guru Gobind Singh Jee decided to go to each GurSikh and put his head in their lap, so he could tie their dastars again. He did that to every single GurSikh sleeping in that room. After that, Guru Sahib decided to massage every single GurSikh’s hands/feet that were all swollen and bruised up. The next morning the Khalsa Fauj woke up feeling extremely rested. They were very thankful for finally having slept after 8 months of hard work. Guru Gobind Singh Ji never told them about that night and how exhausted they were. He just looked at his GurSikhs, chest broad with pride, and they continued forth on their journey. Sangat Ji, that is how much our Dasmesh Pita loves us. When we commit to him fully and are to the point of exhaustion, he puts our head on his lap and forgives us for all of our past deeds. With love he helps us get a full recovery and he doesn't even tell us about it. He gives us so much and we take it for granted sometimes. Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Jee Dasmesh Pita, putran de danee. Please Do Share..!!!! ~ Source: www.facebook.com/gurunanakphulwari