Sikhism has been answering my questions which were creating turmoil in my mind and has transformed me into a better human being who is more emotionally mature and balanced. Being a PhD scientist, the convergence of Sikhism and Science was revealed to me and made me go deeper into the lives of our revered Sikh […]

Sikhism has been answering my questions which were creating turmoil in my mind and has transformed me into a better human being who is more emotionally mature and balanced. Being a PhD scientist, the convergence of Sikhism and Science was revealed to me and made me go deeper into the lives of our revered Sikh Gurus and their teachings. This journey on the path of Sikhism amazed me at every step and I was so impressed and touched that an ardent devotion for Sikhism was developed in me. I recognized the power of Guru Nanak’s sacred and divine shabad which has a transformative power and can convert devils into angels.

The journey on the path of Sikhism unfolds the real aim of my life every day and instructs me every moment how to lead my life. Treading this path, a feeling of bliss and fulfillment fills my heart every day. Deciphering some enigmas, I have reached Guru Nanak’s home where I have found my own home and an epitome of spirituality which I was searching in this whole world.
I have been raised by very decent and educated parents who have a firm belief in Sikhism. I was introduced to Guru Nanak Dev ji by my mother in my childhood and it was the first step towards my relationship with my Guru.

The poetic divine bani of Guru Nanak Dev ji touches my heart and his enlightened personality is revealed to me. I value the precious gift he has imparted us. The precious jewels he possessed he gave us all freely and unconditionally. We are so fortunate that he has dedicated his whole life for us imparting us the divine knowledge he possessed. He enriches our lives with his bani every day.
Guru Sahib is an immaculate love which radiates equally for the whole of humanity. Guru Sahib is a source of immense love and he showers his love every day upon us by showing us an impeccable way of life. When we follow his teachings and we are recognized in this world, our heart fills with gratitude for Guru Sahib and this quote feels so true.
Bhule Marg Jine Bataya
Aisa Gur Vadbhagi Paya

When things do not go our way then we have Guru Sahib in our lives to answer the questions we are seeking for. It is amazing how Guru Sahib tells us again and again to accept the Hukam. Guru Nanak’s Sikhi entails accepting the Hukam of divine and having complete faith in the Hukam. Complete surrender to Hukam is one of the attributes of Guru Nanak’s Sikh. Following Guru Sahib’s advice, we feel so peaceful and courageous to face the tough times and come out of the darkness. Guru Sahib heals the wounds by giving the precious gift of Naam. There is no doubt that Guru Sahib is a radiance and who goes near his radiance also becomes radiant.

Guru Nanak’s Sikh is humble in good times and in high spirits in tough times as Guru Nanak’s Sikh knows that this universe is functioning under the divine command and nothing is in our control. Accepting the divine command, the Sikh is in bliss and peace always. Guru Nanak Dev Ji has bestowed his Sikh with the most precious gift of bani which teaches us to accept divine Hukam. Gurbani is a treasure trove of the Gursikh. Through bani, Guru Sahib has shown his Sikh this world and the world beyond.

Guru Sahib through his bani reiterates the omnipresence of divine. He makes us feel the presence of divine everywhere around us. Guru Sahib shows us the right path that leads to the house of Ek.

Guru Sahib has imparted the gift of virtues to us. When we deal with this world with the virtues imparted by Guru Sahib we are honored and then we feel Guru Sahib is our spiritual father and he has given birth to our beautiful soul. When we deal with this world while walking on the path shown by Guru Sahib, we feel love and respect around us. Our life becomes beautiful and we feel more attached to Guru Sahib and our love and respect for him become our passion. Guru Sahib’s teachings and his bani echoes in our mind and touches our heart throughout the day.

Guru Sahib encourages us to be a pure and virtuous person. To be truthful and pure at heart. Divinity is in purity. Guru Sahib inspires us to achieve higher standards in life and to strive for higher realms and higher goals in life. Everything that happens in life is according to Hukam and there is something great in Hukam.

Guru Sahib tells us not to follow the mad race rather accrue pearls in life which never fades away and nobody can steal them. These pearls you cannot buy from the market, but you have to earn on your own. They can be achieved by having purity in thoughts, words and deeds.
Guru Sahib through his bani answers our questions which upset our mind and acts as a driving force to move forward with more confidence and purposeful aims in our lives. Guru Sahib’s bani gives relief to our upset mind. It acts like a tranquilizer and soothes our upset mind. In Guru Sahib’s home, I have found my own home where I have got so much of happiness, bliss, peace and respect. I am so blessed to find my own eternal Guru Nanak’s home.

The connection with Guru Sahib is through his bani and makes us go close to his philosophy, his thoughts and his teachings. Guru Sahib gives us the most precious gift by taking us close to Almighty Waheguru who is our creator and our sustainer. When our life revolves around Waheguru our life changes, our way of looking at things in life changes, our life transforms. Anxieties decrease as we surrender to Hukam of Waheguru. When we go close to Waheguru through Guru Sahib’s bani we become stable and enter into the state of bliss.
Guru Sahib has shown us a very pious way of living in which respect, peace and happiness is there. Guru Sahib has taught us to remember Waheguru every moment. Guru Sahib has taught us to be humble as everything we possess is the grace of Almighty Waheguru and nothing belongs to us. We are capable of nothing and everything is happening because of Hukam. We should be in gratitude at every moment. Everything we possess is Almighty Waheguru’s grace.

Guru Sahib has taught us to help everybody around us as Almighty Waheguru is in his creation. Helping people around us help us in serving the creator and see the creator in everybody.

Guru Sahib’s bani is my strength, my motivation and my inspiration. Gurbani has given me the steadiness of mind which does not fluctuate and is also fearless now. I do not depend on others now. I only rely on Waheguru and his Hukam. This is such a precious gift which I am not afraid of losing and it will be there with me all the times. Guru Sahib is the benefactor of the wealth which is above and beyond this world.

I have been facing the ups and downs of life under the aegis of Guru Nanak’s teachings. My Guru Sahib is my light and has helped me in shining my light. Guru Nanak Dev ji is the best teacher ever who has an art of imparting education with love and compassion that turns to learn into a transformation. My Guru Nanak is the breath of my life and I breathe in the air of Guru Nanak. I am humbled to be one of his daughters and fortunate to have him in my life.

-Ramneet Kaur