Haryana has been witness to violence as the members of the Jat community began protesting over the demand of reservation. Buses and house have been set on fire, public property damaged and killing 12 people so far. According to rough estimates the recent protests have led to a loss of over 20,000 crore.

It won’t be wrong to say that the protesters in pursuit of reservation have lost their ability to reason and logic.

From politicians to Virender Sehwag to wrestler Vijender Singh, have all tried to drill some sense into them but all has been in wain.
Amid this, another voice has emerged of Anuradha Beniwal, a former National Chess player from Haryana, who has represented India abroad and also won several accolades. This young gutsy Jat woman asks Jat protesters a couple of questions in a video.

Jhajjar Deputy Commissioner Anita Yadav on Monday said the law and order situation in the district is under control but added that curfew would continue for a few more days as a precautionary measure.

“The situation is under control. We have assured people that we will not let the law and order situation deteriorate, and thus, they need not panic or fear,” said Yadav. She, however, said the curfew and night patrolling would go on to make the people feel safe and secure.

Divulging details of the causalities and injuries, Yadav said, “Eight civilians have been reported killed in the agitation so far. As many as 20 police and army personnel were injured, while eight to ten civilians also received injuries.”

“Apart from this, a lot of public and private properties have been damaged. Houses and shops were set ablaze, though we have not made an assessment of the property loss,” she added.