This Video is an Educational film about the Punjab region of India in 1942. Punjab Heritage in its simplest form. A silent film but it gives you a good idea if what was life in a Punjabi village and cities of this great land of our. Their life was simple, they had a cleaner pollution free environment and they ate simple, healthy and pure diet, lived longer. Although we have best of technologies now but the Happiness in Simple Living is missing. It was worth experiencing. But over time this glory has been lost as our base state Punjab has been turmoiled.

The heart of India is still in its villages. If Punjab has to regain its lost glory, it is the villages that need to transform.

With increasing social evils like alcoholism, female foeticide, drug abuse etc. the need of the hour is to have a Drug-free Society and all mankind should be educated for a better living. For the same purpose Kalgidhar Society and Trust is working in the direction of bringing back India’s glory by arresting drug abuse, patit-puna and female foeticide.

Currently, the trust is aiming Punjab where they have 129 Akal Academies in far flung areas, where in 60,000 kids are being given spiritually as well as worldly education.

If you make solid roots then the tree will be strong! Let’s pledge to transform Punjab into a spiritually enlightened State with the power of Value Based Education.

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