Thousands of Sikhs celebrated Delhi Fateh Diwas, the anniversary of a historic event when the Nishaan Sahib — the holy symbol of the Khalsa Panth – was unfurled at the Red Fort. Eighteenth-century Sikh warrior Sardar Baghel Singh had unfurled the saffron Nishaan Sahib on ramparts of the Red Fort. This historic event was 232 years later being marked by the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee in a two-day event March 21-22. The celebrations at the sprawling Red Fort grounds were highlighted by various programmes depicting the rich cultural traditions of Sikh community and displays of tradition martial art forms.

An unforgettable day of great pride for all Sikhs that our community is spreading the message of brotherhood around the world.

Amritsar-born Baghel Singh (1725-1802) was one of the greatest Sikh warriors of the 18th century who prepared the foundations of Sikh rule in Punjab and beyond. He established seven Gurdwaras in the capital city.
It is a part of Sikh history that is gradually fading from the community it was decided to remember and celebrate it. Kirtan darbar was organised on the first day of Fateh Diwas and Gataka, martial arts were performed on the second day.

The two-day event commemorated glorious past of Sikhs, their valour, and courage. A light and sound and plays showing glorious Sikh history was also organized in the Evening.