Harjeet Singh age 13 years was brutally attacked during a routine bus trip home from school. Three strangers got on the same bus and confronted the young Sikh boy due to his turban. The attackers were 2 males and 1 female who approached Harjeet and called him “worthless towel rag” and then hateful abuse followed.

The female punched him in the head and then tried to rip the turban off the head. Reportedly, one of the males had a knife who attempted to stab Harjeet. The frightened friends of Harjeet ran off the bus fearing for their lives but no one came to the rescue of the Sikh boy including the bus driver. The bus consisted of about 25 passengers and none of them came to the aid of the young Sikh boy.

The boys mother Rajinder Kaur made the following statement “To hit me, I can bear that. But this, this is hard to even say that they hit my son’s turban and tried to pull it off. This is the biggest insult… people think this is a joke, the turban. [But] we wear it as a crown and we are proud.”

~ Source: DailySikhUpdate