Everyday we have been hearing issues of rampant racism against Sikhs in Australia but when 21-year old Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa took to the stage of Australia’s Got Talent and delivered this chilling performance, the world sat up and took notice.

Kaur chose to perform a spoken word poem as her talent and asked everybody to snap their fingers when they feel her words.

When she started out the performance where she joked about what makes someone a true Australian, the audience and the judges snapped along her words, but a hush fell over the audience as she started speaking about the horrors her family has had to face as brown skinned, turban wearing people living in Australia.

At the end of her performance, she received a standing ovation from all the judges and the entire audience

I’m not the one that’s a freak, I’m fully Sikh.” – Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

~ Source: Indiatimes.com