In the wake of motivating the students across Akal Academies about the importance of keeping fit and staying away from the Drug Menace, the volunteer Akal Academies in each quarter are holding Inter Academy Athletic Meet among the Academies in the periphery.

Starting with the Kirtan, the events are being well organised with the students participating in them with all enthusiasm and winning medals in appreciations. The respective Chief Guests were called upon and the students were given prizes and appreciations. After the prize distributions, the academies also appreciated the toppers in Academic Skills.

All in all, the athletic meet is being held to keep the students motivated to keep fit and spread the message of carrying sports spirit in keeping away from drug addiction.

Hail the efforts being put in by the Akal Academies and the little wonders giving their heart and sweat to the academies! Share your appreciations with us in the comment box below –

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 17th Oct ’14

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