ToI Journalist is pleasantly surprised on an interaction with a Bengali parent from Akal Academy, Baru Sahib

Besides providing World-class education, the chain of Akal Academies places its top priority in building good human character by inculcating strong values in our students from day one. With the grace of God, our hard work and efforts in building strong moral character are reflecting upon the lifestyle of our children. Here is a short testimony by a Bengali parent presented to the Tejeesh Singh, journalist of Times of India and an avid benefactor of Baru Sahib. She shared her story with Tejeesh Singh of how Baru sahib transformed her son's life. Sharing his views- He explains how he recently met a parent based in Kolkata Bengal whose child was studying in Akal Academy Baru Sahib. Tejeesh didn't disclose his association with Baru Sahib to get an honest unfiltered view about the school. She explained how her child was becoming aggressive. She didn't want to admit him into any of the well-known schools in Bengal or Dehradun as there was either rampant drug abuse or were very expensive. Her experience with the school was nothing less than a miracle as her child is performing much better now mentally as well as physically too. She also added how admitting his son also had a positive impact on her life as she had quit drinking since then. She was really impressed by the practices followed by the school like the gender-neutral uniforms and the fact that children are given 1 pencil to use for the whole week and how erasers are shared between 6 children to make them realize the value of things. We are blessed to have such great testimonials by parents. These testimonials are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication that is done behind the curtains to raise our students not only as great scholars but also great human beings.

This gutsy village girl blazes away the hard road to glory!

Girls are always expected to sport the spirit of perseverance and unbreakable patience if they ever want to be an achiever. And the challenge is apparent in rural areas. In the agrarian vast lands of district Mansa, lies a village Kauriwara with a mere couple of hundreds of households. Harshita Jain comes from this village and has broken all stereotypes. She broke the taboo that sports is meant for boys only and girls are meant for household work; and that girls are a burden on families in this patriarchal society. Harshita was encouraged by her Teachers at Akal Academy Kauriwara to go for running despite snide remarks by her fellow villagers. Akal Academy under the aegis of The Kalgidhar Trust Baru Sahib has always encouraged, empowered, educated girls to take part in sports. And by sheer hard work with a military regimen and guidance of her coach, Harshita has won the State level race competition in 100 meters dash. Harshita first secured the top place in District levels then finally the Zonal levels before shining at the top of the State levels with a Gold medal. She not only won hearts, but she also won over her destiny and she won what she deserved, she won the respect which every woman is seeking sitting in that remote village. She became an inspiration for so many girls and she pays her heartfelt gratitude to Akal Academy Kauriwara for educating her and making her choose her own path. This story offers clues to why so many young dreams would flame, flicker and never die. These girls deserve their chance and may make it big. Somewhere they believe that it will all change, that they will matter. -Gursanjam Kaur

Akal Academy Dadehar Sahib students topped in Tarn Taran District in class 10th C.B.S.E examination.

The students of #AkalAcademy, Dadehar Sahib came up with flying colors in class 10th board results for the session 2018-19.
Shubhneet Kaur and Gursajanpreet Singh secured commendable scores of 97.4 % and 97.2 % respectively in CBSE X Boards (2018-19) and brought laurels to Akal Academy #DadeharSahib (Tarn Taran).
Mrs Deepika Kaur Hujjain, the Principal of the academy exhilaratingly expressed that this year the district (Tarn Taran) toppers are students of Akal Academy Dadehar Sahib.
7 students have achieved the milestone of securing more than 90%, 13 students secured more than 80% and 12 students bagged more than 70%
Tarn Taran District Toppers, Shubhneet Kaur and Gurjsajanpreet Singh aspire to become a Doctor and Civil Servant respectively. They credit their success to academy, parents, and teachers who ignited them dedication towards reaching this goal.

With 98.2 %, Student of Akal Academy, Reethkheri tops Patiala in CBSE XII boards!

Jashanpreet Kaur, daughter of a farmer, topped Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) Class XII  board exams in the Patiala district by obtaining 98.2 percent. Jashanpreet, who studied humanities at Akal Academy Reeth Kheri, scored 100 marks in political science and 99 in economics.  She said, “I am very happy that I scored full marks in political science. My hard work that paid off.” Jashanpreet said she aspires to be a lawyer. Jashanpreet said, “Four hours at school and some self-study. I never took tuition for any of subject.” School Principal Shaminderpal Kaur said, “We have a dedicated faculty which lays focus on every student. As Akal Academy Reeth Kheri is a day boarding school, students do not take extra tuitions.”  
  • Source - Tribune

Learning the Art of Recycling at ‘Best Out of Waste’.- Akal Academy, Fathegarh Gunduan

Akal Academy takes an initiative to generate the habit of using old wasteful items, creating beautiful crafts amongst children. This concept is popular globally.

Best out of waste activity was organized at Akal Academy, Fathegarh Gunduan in which all students participated enthusiastically.

This type of event invites creative art and craft ideas from students in which they use things like old teacups, old greeting cards, toys, and paper waste. Such fun-filled activities ignite their artistic potential.

It is a great learning experience for all the students which promotes creativity and artistic excellence in our leaders of tomorrow.

  -Bandagi Kaur

Akal Academy to provide Free education to two daughters of Late Bhai Inderjit Singh Ji Kirtaniya

The sudden and tragic demise of Bhai Inderjit Singh’s (reputed kirtaniya) of Gurughar few days ago has shaken the entire Sikh community. His two small daughters, Avneet Kaur aged 4 years (KG -A) and Harkirat Kaur aged 3 years (Nursery - A), are studying in #AkalAcademy Ghugh.

A team from The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, visited his house to convey their grief on this loss and consoled the bereaved family. Left alone in such gloomy circumstances, his daughters could have been the worst sufferers. Children being the most vulnerable section of society, definitely need consistent and comprehensive support to grow and prosper.

Akal Academy has decided to bear all the cost of education for both his daughters by providing them with free education. Presently, they are currently studying at Akal Academy, Ghugh, Kapurthala.

Akal Academy has decided to hold their hands in their hard times so that they don’t feel left out or unattended. This loss might be irrecoverable for the family but their burden can be shared.

This humble endeavor by #BaruSahib is meant to uplift the underprivileged often forgotten section of the society, Raagis, Granthis, Kathawachaks & Sewadars with the means of Education under Mata Bholi Scheme.

  -Tapasleen Kaur

Giving is the greatest act of grace- Manika Kaur transforms 35 lives through Education!

30-year-old Manika was born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Dubai after she married in 2007. Her deeply spiritual connection to the Guru’s wisdom is reflected in her music, with Manika able to channel her devotion to these divine teachings through her spellbinding vocal ability. Her ethos and values are illuminated by the fact that she uses the proceeds of her musical endeavors to raise funds for education projects in rural #Punjab’. All proceeds from sales of her albums and live concerts are donated directly for the upliftment of the underprivileged children. Blessed with a divine voice and writing poetry, she made sure she isn't like any of those famous socialites. She ensures a positive contribution to society to make a difference. She sponsored the education of 35 kids under the deedaday scheme, helping them realize their dreams. Somebody's Future lies in a cup of coffee! A cup of coffee costs $1.5 and DeedaDay costs less than a coffee a day making $1x365 days costing $365 a year. This is enough to support a poor child's education for s year. Read more here - Great are such noble souls who are changing lives of those in need while spreading a pure and sincere message of generosity and love.

Student of Akal Academy, Kauriwara bagged the top position in PUNJAB NEET-PG & 19th position all over India

A genius mind deprived in a village Ullak district in Mansa, Punjab couldn’t stop dreaming BIG. Ramandeep Singh of Akal Academy, Kauriwara brought laurels to his academy and the entire Sikh Community by securing the top position in #Punjab in All India Postgraduate National Eligibility cum entrance test. He also scored the 19th position in the country. He was a student of Guru Gobind Singh Medical College, Faridkot. He scored 941 out of 1,200 marks. His father is an art and craft teacher in a Government Senior Secondary School at Burj Bhalai Ka in Mansa. ‘Does not matter where you come from, what matters is where you reach in the end.’ it’s a proud moment for the entire Akal Academy chain of schools, Baru Sahib as Ramandeep’s achievement has brought it to the limelight on the national academic map.

Ravinder Singh imbibed ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’ From Akal Academy

It has been three long years since I passed my 12th from Akal Academy Gomti in Uttar Pradesh. It transformed my life and the glory and morals of that place are still shining within me. The memories are still in my heart as it was the most magnificent time of my career and life. My name is Ravinder Singh. I belong to a small village named Barohi in district Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh. The day I joined the Akal Academy was the most fortunate day of my life. Each day, I would get up in the morning, get ready and leave for school. On my way, I would see my father working hard in the farms in such hot sun. And he would wave me goodbye wiping the sweat from his forehead and giving me a smile despite the struggles he was bearing. And he was doing all this for my easy future. Meanwhile, in school I would think about my father’s health and his hardships. By remembering his tired face I felt pity for him. I wanted to grow up really soon so that I could help him and improve these severe situations of financial instability. Akal Academy Gomti has helped me enshrine and enlighten my spiritual and divine values. I remember a quote said by Shiromani Panth Rattan Baba Iqbal Singh Ji:-“Simple Living and High Thinking.” That quote inspired me and enlightened the correct path to me. It made me think that how great is it to serve humanity selflessly rather than competing in the materialistic race to earn more money than others. Money was not what I wanted in my life. I wanted happiness and end to the struggles of my father and my mother. Although, he worked all day long and earned a very minimal amount of money. Still, my father insisted me to pursue my further studies in B.Com from Swami Educational College in Puranpur. After I completed my B.Com. I closed my eyes and questioned myself what I really desired from my life. With all the meditation I learned from Akal Academy. Finally, I got my answer and it was be a helping hand to my parents. Since childhood I desired my father to rest and quit farming under the hot cursing sun. I wanted to give him all the luxuries of life. And Akal Academy brought success to my ideas. So, today my father does not have a need to plow the farms and harvest crops in the burning sun. He does not have to work all day long. There is a different person who does the same job, and that different person is me. They worked hard to give me a good life, now I am working hard to give them a good life. I am happy and satisfied from my goals of life, so are my parents. I am thankful to Akal Academy for making me this capable. ‘Success is not always about earning a handsome amount of money, I may remind you happiness is something which is priceless! ‘My life was decorated with values at Akal Academy’- Mandeep Singh Bisla I pay a huge thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Akal Academy Gomti. It polished my spiritual values and divine qualities, by the grace of which I am on the right path of success today.

Success does not lie in ‘Results’, but in ‘Efforts’. –A truly inspiring story of our alumni Parupkar Singh, DSP in Kashmir Police

The people who are willing to work hard in life are the ones who make great success stories. And Akal Academy, Baru Sahib polishes such diamonds with spiritual and academic knowledge. As a result, the students who were earlier doomed in the darkness of poverty and illiteracy is now shining with a successful future. That is only possible by the education provided by Baru Sahib even in the rural areas. We are really proud of our alumni as he is making our nation proud. S. Parupkar Singh had an ordinary childhood until he was admitted in Baru Sahib in 2000 and passed his 10th in 2004. This precious time transformed him and his future. Not only physical or academic growth but also spiritual and moral learning’s transformed his life. Further, he did his 12th class from DAV, Chandigarh. As by studying in Baru Sahib he was aligned towards his goal in life. So, further he completed his engineering from Jammu University in 2010. All that hard work paved way for his dream of becoming a DSP and serving his nation. We are profoundly delighted that our student has today touched the stars by becoming DSP of Kashmir Police. And he pays his heartfelt gratitude to Baru Sahib for being the first step of this success. He further highlighted that Baru Sahib is the best school and its his honor to be a student of this holy school. “ It provided me with holy development and taught me how to be independent and mentally stable when you are away from your family. The spiritual teachings taught me how to survive all the odes in life. The most important quality I grabbed from there is Discipline. And this discipline still helps me. Baru Sahib made me self-sufficient as there was no one to push me for studies. I was away from family and society. But I learned how to be self-dependent and also spirituality is the major key to achieve that mental stability. I got precious Gurbani values from there which are taught nowhere else. Baru Sahib teaches morality which will hold you together in the tough times of life. The lessons I got from there, I still follow them as they help me in being a good human being. I am more than overwhelmed that my parents Choose Baru Sahib for me when I was on the most crucial phase of life. It made my life worth. -Parupkar Singh, DSP officer, Kashmir Police ‘Baru Sahib teaches how to put your heart, soul, mind, and values, even into your smallest acts. That will bring you success.’ Gursanjam Kaur , New Delhi 28 Nov ’2018