At the yearly fair of Fatehgarh Sahib, popularly known as “Jodh Mela” of “Chote Sahibzade” amongst locals, Gurmannat Kaur, a nursery student from Majri Akal Academy stole the show; the carnival hosted a creative stage performance competition for young children where participants from across 129 Akal Academies competed amongst several children to showcase their creativity & talent.

Akal Academy, MajriThere were speeches, debates & several other stage performances signifying the spirit & caliber of young kids. The profound speech delivered by young Gurmannat Kaur professing the importance of hair was observed as the most exquisite. Along with highlighting references from ‘Gurbani,’ she surprised everyone with her strong & mature words of satire over the trending self-obsessive lifestyle that is keeping the youth at bay from the path of spirituality.

Although Akal Academy at Ambala (Majiri) is just a year old, the first prize in the competition be speaks well for the aptitude & competency, the school is fostering its children with.

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~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 7th Sep ’13