Whilst the socio-virtual world is all engaged in their “e-ways” to do their bit in the global “ Go Green “ uprising ;  young aspiring rural students of class 7th of “ Akal Academy “ in the remote village Uddat Saidewala ( distt. Mansa ), Punjab,  showed their spirit by resorting to the basic fundamentals.

Tree Plantation

In an event exquisite for any rural village, several kids, under cooperation of their teachers & the principal, planted about a 100 trees to celebrate the break of the monsoons. Variety of trees planted included poplars like Neem, Imali, Daikes, Safeda, Kaner & many others. Monsoons hold relevance no short of a religious festival, in the village carrying trend of constantly fighting against water scarcity/contamination & the several connected issues that arise from it i.e. diseases like cancer, stomach infections, epidemics etc.


Environmentalists explain the relevance of planting trees relating to several commonly observed needs such as, a source of fuel (wood), for fencing, paper,  etc ;  alongside scientific & the natural benefits, like, as an aid in adjusting the velocity of winds preventing soil  erosion. Amongst all, the perspective of the young children, who were the lifeline of the event;  was the wisest.  For them, the idea of planting trees is an opportunity, to serve people, to prepare a gift for several; who will be served by the trees, by its shadow, fruits & flowers;  & like a bouquet , the fragrance of love.

~ Ramandeep Singh, Student
~ 8th Aug 2013, Rohini, New Delhi