Staff Members and the Principal of Akal Academy at village Ellenabad, recently undertook the pious task of doing Sehej Path in reverence to Almighty. The occasion of ‘Bhog’ ceremony saw grand celebrations where students from village Ahmedpur Darewala, Akal Academy also joined the event alongside teachers with full gusto.

Village Ellenabad’s Akal Academy Staff Members perform Sehej Path; celebrate Bhog with young studentsContributing to the event in great fervor, the students of village Ahmedpur performed two wonderful choreographies followed by couple of Shabads in high spirits of celebration sung with great enthusiasm. The performance was much appreciated and devoutly enjoyed by the holy congregation. The parents were much obliged and astonished to see their little kids performing with such serenity and confidence. “It was our great pleasure when we heard the encouraging comments from the parents about the kids’ performances”, spoke the Principal of Akal Academy, Ahmedpur while addressing the parents and the audience, on behalf of the members of the Academy.

The event was observed in light of the Akal Academies’ belief of leading the students by example; the Kalgidhar Trust – the charitable organization behind Akal Academies, strongly believes that true values and morals can be instilled into children only when aspiring teachers double up as role models.

Across all of its 129+ schools imparting Value-Based Education across 6450 villages of North India, the organization relentlessly observes development of customized faculties. Aspiring teachers are additionally trained on aspects of spiritual and human values, laying foundation of Noble and Upright character building of the students.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 25th Oct ’13