Amandeep Kaur

Many of us must have heard of the phrase ‘make your own history’, which advocates us to “go do something of our own” and that ‘something’ implies an effort or an accomplishment for which we will be remembered for ages. Ever since we learn that, we get on en route to discover that special “something”  in search for that special effort that would help stay in the pages of the history we will leave behind us. Years through, we keep trying to discover ourselves; going places, meeting endless people, shedding all we can to get there., But somewhere in our quest, we land up blindly following the footsteps of others, losing our own identity, without even ever realizing it.

The context above is in reference to someone, who is no different from all of us, in fact less privileged, or for that matter, even misfortunate by birth.. On my recent tour to baru sahib during my internship, i across a student, Amandeep Kaur. A sprightly young girl from village Bhamma Badi, Sangrur, which is a predominantly rural area in the southern part of Punjab.

Born to Gurmeet Singh, a petty-jobs worker who always struggled with strained resources to meet both ends, Amandeep grew up helping her mother tide over  expenses doing  household work for her family and for others in the neighborhood too. Torn between thoughts of reality & her desires, Amandeep’s her faith in God helped her keep moving in life  with a a hope for a better tomorrow.. She turned out into a full-of-energy youthful countenance and now beholds a fine personality. Her challenges seemed endless within the village environment to realize her silent dreams. But, as if guided by providence, she kept on honing her subtle-skills of sincerity, hard work, ability, knowledge to live through those dreams in real to set Her goals & self-determination did wonders & brought her a long distance.

I was stupefied and amazed when I interacted with her. This coy and soft-spoken girl literally swept me of my feet with her delicate and sober conduct. It felt peaceful serene to be around, she was swift, sensible & her talks carried substance & depth that is nowhere found in city-life, she was indeed “a Life” in herself.

Amandeep grabbed her lifetime opportunity when she learnt of the Free Teachers Training program being conducted by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. It was with help of her friend and got her application filled and applied, after prolonged discussions for approval of her parents. She recalls , “I sold them my dreams and I was fortunate that my parents realized my aspirations wherein my happiness resided”. Amandeep today is in her 2nd year (English enhancement) at Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment Baru Sahib; after having successfully completed her first year foundation course. She is gearing up simultaneously to appear for her 12th Board exams. Many a heads turned when she scored an exceptional 86% in Maths during her Terminals. “It wasn’t as easy at is sounds” tells us Amandeep; she struggled with an eye ailment that took a year to subside

Aman possesses good pickup skills & her prime interests are in science and social studies. Besides academics, she takes keen interest at other creative activities at school including stage plays.Amongst colleages she is known as a  and she has left her mark as a reserved personality & a patient  listener who give an ear ofrespect to everyone’s  opinion., maintaining her calm and poise.

Amandeep surprised quite a few Teachers recently when she proudly wrote two books named “ Prince and the Princess ” & “Me and my Quilt”. Given her limited knowledge of English language or skills to communicate, her work was much liked & appreciated by her teachers,s he was the star of her batch for having produced these books.
Amandeep’s approach to life provides us a critical reminder,  that, in the race of life winner is the one who does not look back or upon other’s track but the one who keeps moving forward, watching his own pace, focusing the finishing line as his own exclusive. She believes she has to do a lot to improve herself, & her confidence and presentation capabilities affirm she will be a successful woman who works hard towards turning her dreams into reality. Her trainers believe that once she completes her course and is employed as a Teacher, her job will not only help herself but also her family in stepping to a better world.
Commendable is the spirit of unknown sponsorers like Amandeep’s education, who discreetly serve the nation & humanity in true sense. . Maybe it is people like her who are blessed souls that share their riches and generosity to bring smiles on scores of deprived girls like Amandeep.

~ Ramandeep Singh, Student
~ New Delhi, 21st Aug 2013