Akal Academy, Dhanal Kalan

As a part of their learning, students of Akal Academy, Dhanal Kalan woke up to nature’s beckoningand celebrated Van-Mahostav in high spirits. To spread awareness and to do their bit in bring a positive change, students, teachers and the staff members of the rural school together planted more than a hundred saplings.

Van-Mahotsav, observed through the months of July-August across the Nation, helps spread awareness amongst people about the harm caused by the cutting down of trees whilst explicating the importance of trees through exhibiting demonstrations & planting of saplings.

The event was organized in association with volunteers from Rotary Club Jalandhar Central.

As a matter of fact; 79 students from Jalandhar city travel each day to study at AA DhanalKalan, situated in a village.

Reverse Brain Drain, eh!

~ Deeksha Singh,
~ New Delhi, 6th Sep ’13