In a National Security Services Camp (NSS), organized recently by Akal Academy Kajri, class 10th students of the rural School, taking tips & guidance from professionals, voluntarily took up the task of leveling pits on Assam National Highway (N.H).

Youth show how it’s done with NSS Camp - Akal Academy Kajri Students’ Social Activism

The camp activity was conceptualized based on the shocking reports on severe accidents, especially involving bikers & other 2-wheeler riders amongst other motorists, who passed by the patchy highway stretch from Akal Academy Kajri up till the forest near Khuttar village. The road had developed a variety of pits & potholes that often caused serious accidents & even death in a number of cases of lately.

After learning about the matter through discussions with the concerned committee at the village, the staff members of the Akal Academy felt it’s not really worth taking the risk any longer by waiting for the officials to take up the action, that of course would involve several complex procedures which would certainly mean allowing more time that could potentially put lives of several commuters at risk until action.

Perhaps the students alongside staff volunteers decided to take up the task of labor involved in fixing the road. The daily commuters & the locals appreciated the pro-active work & efforts put in by the students, so much so that a nearby resident & social activist, S.Kuldeep Singh, arranged for kids’ refreshment & conveyed a wish that administration should also be equally concerned about such issues.

The camp was organized under the expert direction of NSS Incharge Mr. Vijaypal Singh, who, in the occasion said, that such activities would help develop feelings & sense of social responsibilities amongst students involved & other civilians who observed its execution.

The Principal of the school, Ms. Simran Kaur Thind congratulated the teachers & blessed the students for undertaking such difficult yet noble job, she further added “Akal Academy always encourages students for such activities, as they stand in line with the vision of our parent organization The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, which seeks promoting world peace & serving humanity.
“Watching the kids doing what the authorities had to do made; not only me, but the whole Akal Academy proud. These kids are an inspiration for everybody. I am glad to have such talent. Kids here are super talented and spiritually inclined as well, what else do you need to be a complete human being?” said the Principal.

Amongst other vital contributors, were also the school Librarian & Discipline In-charge Mr.Philip Xavier alongside teaching staff & other members who helped making this camp successful.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 7th Oct ’13