Young Sandhya, 23 an inhabitant of a rural village in HP Dist. Bilaspur, had been a prey to a deadly skin infection since childhood. Nothing was normal for her and since she had been constantly losing control on her own self, living with perplexities – trying to settle with the trauma being alienated from her routine life even as she tried to cope up living using only one eye before she could guess her life was about to change!

Restoring Smiles, Renewing LivesHer family learnt about the Free Surgery Medical Camp at Akal Charitable Hospital, Baru Sahib run by the Kalgidhar Society; in an announcement at the village & got in touch with the paramedic staff who visited their home to meet Sandhya & assess her case for treatment at the Hospital where specialist surgeons from Operation Rainbow, Canada were seeing patients requiring plastic surgeries.

On meeting Sandhya, our team learnt that she was going through post-traumatic depression besides the physical disabilities she was living with. Specialized surgeons closely reviewed Sandhya’s case & she was advised to go in for a surgery; a person from hospital was sent to Sandhya’s house to deliver the message to herself & her family.

“It took them over 3 hours to restore Sandhya’s skin & her face but it took less than 3 seconds to restore happiness on her face as she was told that the Doctors from Canada are saying they can restore your eye & cosmetically improve your black mark for free” revealed a local volunteer who worked closely with the paramedic team & visited Sandhya’s house before the surgery.

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~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 20th Sep ’13