As Lil’ Kiratjot Kaur Khalsa takes her little steps towards her school, the village watches her ‘Tall Walk’

Kiratjot Kaur KhalsaThis is not just because she is another little Rural enthusiast taking up schooling, but because she is the first Inaugural student of the newly come up Akal Academy at the village, which is first of its kind & the only one to provide Scientific as well as Gurmat value-based education to Rural students.

There is more connected to young Kiratjot Kaur Khalsa than just being the first student of the school; she alongside her mother have been playing an instrumental role since long before initialization of school services, the keen-team had beenvoluntarily going Door-to-Door reaching to each & every child-bearing family of the village, to educate, encourage & promote admission for the Rural children of the village at the school.

Her tiny steps alongside bold efforts of her mother have surely paved a concrete road that is set to put the village onto its true transformational mode through the big leaps little Kiratjot Kaur Khalsa takes every morning, walking tall towards the entrance of the Akal Academy.

We salute the courage, generosity & the philanthropy exhibited by the young mother-daughter team towards contributing & serving the society with such honest will to bring a transformation.

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 20th Sep ’13