Sant Attar Singh ji Maharaj had indicated that an unknown sacred place (Tapo Bhoomi) where many sages and seers had meditated on the divine name in the previous aeons is located in the Himalayan region in the hilly areas of Sirmour District (Nahan) of Himachal Pradesh. Saint Attar Singh also had indicated the features of […]

Sant Attar Singh ji Maharaj had indicated that an unknown sacred place (Tapo Bhoomi) where many sages and seers had meditated on the divine name in the previous aeons is located in the Himalayan region in the hilly areas of Sirmour District (Nahan) of Himachal Pradesh. Saint Attar Singh also had indicated the features of the place that it is surrounded by seven peaks and thick forest and sweet water gushing out of many springs. Saint ji had ordered that it should be found out and a spiritual center should be established for the meditation of the seeker after truth and where such educational institution should be established in which spiritually value based education should be combined with the modern scientific education of the present era for the learning of the students, (like Gurukuls of the previous era)

Accordingly Saint Teja Singh instructed Iqbal Singh and Khem Singh to search out this place. Iqbal Singh after completing his MSc (Agriculture) from PAU joined the department of agriculture Govt. of Punjab along with his colleague DrKhem Singh Gill. He alone kept on searching for this hidden place in the hills of Paonta Sahib and Nahan and couldn’t locate any such place as per instructions of Saint Teja ji.

In the early months of 1955 AD, once Iqbal Singh along with his colleague DrKhem Singh Gill took leave from the Govt. of Punjab and started searching and traveled on foot from Solan to Rajgarh as there was no motor able roads at that time in this area. But the people of Rajgarh discouraged them that they could not find place such a type of place.

Iqbal Singh then decided to leave the job of Govt. of Punjab and join the job in Govt. of Himachal Pradesh so that while in service, he could try to search that place. He was posted as a research assistant cum farm manager at an agricultural research station DhaulanKuan near Paonta Sahib.

According to the Divine wishes of Sant Attar Singh ji Maharaj, Mastuane Wale, Siant Teja Singh, M.A. L.Lb, (Pb University), AM (Harvard University, USA) revealed the divine valley Baru Sahib in 1956.At this place many sages, saints seers like Vashisht Muni, Gautam Rishi, Pandvas meditated in the previous a eons.

Thakur Joginder Singh, owned the village Baru in Sirmaour District. Once thus happened that a sage came and meditated under the walnut tree near the water spring owned by him. As usually Joginder Singh used to serve the food to the visiting hermits, he also served the same way to this sage. The sage kept on meditating and after sometime when he opened his eyes, he uttered that he (Thakur Joginder Singh) has to leave this place sometime soon and the followers of Guru Nanak Dev would purchase this village from him with the price whatever he asks for. And that they would enlighten the whole world with message of Universal brotherhood by establishing educational institutions here.

Annoyed, Joginder Singh took away the food without serving the sage perceiving that he has cursed him. After his anger cooled and on persuasion of his wife, he returned to serve the food to the sage. But surprisingly, the sage had left the place and he could not trace him in the whole of forest. After few months, he developed many disputes with almost all the people of these surrounding areas. The situation got so worse that he wept and decided to sell this land and settle somewhere else.

All the discussion in this respect was done in his house but due to divine telepathy, the message of selling this land was perceived by the Saint Teja Singh ji at a village Cheema ,inDisttSangrur,Punjab at a distance to 300 Kms.
Saint Teja Singh sent a messenger namely GianiZail Singh to his disciple Iqbal Singh, who was serving as a farm manager in DhaulanKuan near Paonta Sahib in the Deptt. of Agriculture, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh; to direct him to visit village Baru and see whether that land was the same where the seers and the sages of the previous aeons meditated and was also blessed by Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh while visiting this place.

At that time there was no motor able road and bus service from Solan and Nahan to the village Baru. Iqbal Singh covered more than 40 km on foot to visit the village Baru. On reaching there he saw the whole area was infested with thick forest and there were only monkeys, bears, jackals and mini tigers. Only the house of Thakur Joginder Singh owner of the land existed there.

Saint Teja Singh had told Iqbal Singh about the features of the area surrounding the village Baru with his divine vision. Iqbal Singh found all the features mentioned by the Saint matching with the place on reaching there.

Iqbal Singh travelled from village Baru to Solan on foot covering a distance of about 60 kms and sent a telegram informing that the place he was directed to visit, was the same divine place for which Saint Teja Singh was searching for from past five years.

Before purchasing of this place Iqbal Singh and other disciples of the Saint had shown many comfortable places located just around the main highway of Kalka to Shimla but the Saint declined to purchase the same for the reasons that these places were not according to the divine wishes of Saint Attar Singh.

On hearing the message from Iqbal Singh that village Baru was the divine place, His Holiness was in search for, Saint Teja Singh at once came to Nahan and without visiting the Baru Village, purchased the whole of the land comprising of 400 acres from Thakur Joginder Singh and paid the price whatever he demanded without any negotiation keeping in view that this is the land of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj.

In 1957 Saint himself visited Baru Sahib along with many devotees namely BhaiGyan Singh, Khem Singh, Hardyal Singh, Mohinder Singh, Ajaib Singh, Iqbal Singh, Master Baldev Singh, Bibi Pritam Kaur and many others. At that time Saint Harnam Singh of Rampur Khere wale also visited Baru Sahib along with Saint Teja Singh. About 40 KM was covered from Sarahan to Baru Sahib. Some of the plain area was covered on back of Horse and steep area on foot.
Saint Teja Singh stayed in the tent and other disciples stayed in the mud house of erstwhile owner of the land Thakur Joginder Singh. The next day free community Kitchen was organized and local people from far flung areas also participated in such a gathering for the first time in this remote part of Himachal Pradesh.

Next time Saint Teja Singh visited in 1959/1960 and got constructed a small mud room with a gallery to install Guru Granth Sahib ji. Akhand Path (Nonstop recitation of the divine hymns of Guru Granth Sahib ji) was performed in which Saint Teja Singh for the first time himself took active part in the recitation of divine hymns at Akhand Path.

At the completion of Akhand path of Guru Granth Sahib ji, Saint Teja Singh himself performed Ardas (prayer) before Guru Granth Sahib ji with a deep spiritual devotion and tears rolling down from his eyes. At the end of Ardas he submitted to Guru Granth Sahib ji, ”O’ Divine Lord, when would you bring that time when the persons and children from all over the world would come here, for not only getting the value based education but also recitation of divine hymns and meditation on the divine Name, so that this horrified era of Darkness (Kalyug) may get converted into era of Truthfulness (Satyug).”

He further prayed to the Guru to bless this place for establishing Braham Vidya University,on the pattern of Gurukuls established by old sages and saints like Texla and Nalanda of the past. After the performance of the religious ceremonies, devotees gathered around Saint Teja Singh and put forth their deep concerns and doubts about the predictions made for the establishment of these spiritual institutions. They pleaded Saint TejaSingh “O’Saint, it is all forested area infested with different kinds of flora and fauna and no human population except herds of monkeys, bears, jackals and mini tigers. There was no road from the main cities like Solan, Sarahan and Nahan. How all these things would be possible which you have predicted and who would come over here”.

With a divine smile and having a spiritual radiation on the face, Saint Teja Singh brushed all these self-conceived false doubts. He further narrated that with the will of God, the roads, building and other modern facilities would be created with the passage of time. It would be a great spiritual education center where a four year old child to grown up learned professional would get the value based education right from the Nursery level to the Ph.D. level. There would be schools, colleges and the divine University. He further narrated that only those persons who had some spiritual capital accumulated in the previous births would only come here to get the value based education and meditate on the Divine Name.

However, everybody bowed their heads in acceptance of sermons of the Saint, but still they were having doubts in their minds. Only a very few blessed devotees of Saint accepted the verdict whole heartedly. Before the shedding his mortal frame on 3rd July, 1965, Saint Teja Singh himself established The Kalgidhar Trust in the form of Will. Later the same Trust was got registered.