History claims that best of the performing artists have come from the toughest and the nadir of our society. Similar has been our experience during an awkward-for-village-folks sounding “MIME” workshop, organized at village Rataolan’s Akal Academy where young rural students got a chance to portray their artistic side at performance arts.

Young students performing!For those of you new to the concept of “MIME”, it’s a theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gestures, mimicry, expressions, and movements.
It is one of those types of stage arts, which knows no boundaries or barriers of language, region, culture, ethnicity etc, for it relies totally on human expression, which, by virtue of our existence, is universal.

Akal Academy’s rural young kids whilst exhibiting and explicating the true spirit behind the MIME artistry did great justice to the cult art.

“Alongside our academic efforts at preparing these rural kids to secure mainstream for them, wherein they grow up into competent youth, events like these play a pivotal role in enabling these children to be able to connect universally; it not just gives them knowledge & universal understanding, but also helps imbibe elements of developing into globally adaptive citizens who are able to establish connection with the societies alien to them, by simply learning to express even beyond language barriers, or even words for that matter”, explained Kiranjit Kaur, the Principal of the academy, while expressing her idea upon need for observing workshops so innovative and diverse to our(rural) culture.

– Ramandeep Singh
– New Delhi, 5th Nov’ 13