Akal Academy – Ratia, recently organized a 2 day Inter-house Sports Competition at the academy playground. Rural village students were seen in great sporting spirit and enthusiasm.

Rural Youth at Fields – Harvesting Sports with a Golden FootThe set of games for girls & boys, included Punjab’s most popular Football and the Volleyball matches, on the other hand, sport activities saw “Throwball” and “Tug of War”, involving some extreme actions and competition.

The sports event, starting as early as 10am on 25th Oct, carried out matches based on knock-out system wherein the participants representing the 4 respective houses i.e. Amul, Atul, Abhay & Ajay house, set out in teams, competing against one another. The day saw some of the most fierce action at the fields including some surprising action portrayed by the girls who threw a great leg at the football and also proved their mettle at the throwball knockouts, which were not an inch less entertaining as the boys’ matches; the long fun-filled day of sporting saw its end only at 3p.m.

Overall, at the end of first day knockouts, on the boy’s side House Ajay & Atul made to the football finals, at Volleyball it was Amul & Atul House who made their way to the finals, while Amul & Ajay house prepared to compete at Tug of War finals. On the Girls side, it’s was Atul Vs Amul in football, Ajay Vs Abhay at Tug of War and Amul vs Ajay at Throwball; for the final playoffs, that were held on 26th Oct.

At the Finale, amongst boys, House Ajay stood 1st in Football while house Amul stole the show with a win at both Volleyball & Tug of War; on the Girls’ side, House Atul won Football, House Ajay the Tug of War while Amul claimed the 1st position at Throw-Ball.

All in all House Amul remained at the scoreboards at 1st spot while House Ajay settled with 2nd position. “Looking at the team spirit and the enthusiasm, I am feeling so very proud of the students who I see are excellent at everything they are doing, be it sports, studies, co curricular activities and what not. We are glad for being a part of the Akal Academy. I congratulate the student teams for winning the event and wish them luck for the future.” said, Mrs. Indu Sharma, Principal – Akal Academy, Ratia.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 4th Nov ’13