With a firm belief in the saying -“A child that reads is a successful child”; imparting education and encouraging reading habits in young children is the need of the hour.

In the wake of imparting quality education and inculcating reading habits among the students, Akal Academy has understood the importance of Reading Corners. Making reading a pleasurable experience for the kids, developing healthy psychology and interest amongst the kids, is the priority.

Learning is FunChildren who read every day at age of three, have a vocabulary at age five which is nearly two months more advanced than those who are not. A child taken to the library on a monthly basis from age three to five is two and a half months ahead of an equivalent child at age five who did not visit the library so regularly. Thus, the Reading Corner concept!

Witness how kids at Akal Academy, love to read at the Reading Corner. The concept is being followed across all 129 Akal Academies being run by The Kalgidhar Trust. We have put in a step forward to inspire kids to read in their free time and making them realize the importance of reading to be a learned person in the future.

Constant efforts are being put in to maintain & regularly update Reading Corners to not only provide the required inspiration but also to keep the children motivated through their vivid ambience with reading material that entices them to spend time reading.

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