With the help of experienced volunteer’s, Keertaniya’s & Katha Vaachak’s  from Cheema Sahib Gurudwara, Village Gurmat Drive organized by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib has been conducting Samagams at every small & remote rural village where people need to be enlightened. This Drive has moved forward understanding the need of the hour and addressing the problems hand in hand. Punjab, being a land of the pious, is ironically losing its ground over true Sikhi rampantly, which has lead the youth crippled at the hands of alcohol & drug abuse.

Unfortunately quite a small section amongst the society is able to see the subtle link between the Drugs and declining Sikhi values, due to illiteracy.

The Kalgidhar Trust identified & strongly felt the need to awaken spirit of Sikhism amongst the people of Punjab by restoring spirituality to built high moral character & social responsibility. Target zones to begin with, were the rural villages of Punjab, where most of the population is illiterate.

Come be a part of the Drive and help transforming lives!

~ Ramandeep Singh,
~ New Delhi, 9th Sep ’13

Pics from one such event held at village “Datewaas”