In the wake of growing personal insecurity, where danger is lurking at every nook & corner of the Nation, young rural kids at Akal Academies are being prepared to combat all adversities.

Pledged by the Faith: Young Girls & Boys learn “Karate” SkillsIn an initiative to tackle the ongoing menace created by crimes, especially against women of the country, Akal Academies are resorting to fundamentals of the Sikh faith i.e. of being prepared to fight for protection, for self and others to ensure that the Truth & Good prevail over the sinful & bad in the society.

Young boys and girls at Akal Academies, alongside carrying their routine study and spiritual prayer sessions, are also being trained to be combat-ready. Specialist Karate experts have been appointed for the task of ensuring that self-defense, protection & safety of women is fostered as the number One priority amongst the youth.

The concept and inspiration behind this, is not new to the followers of Sikh faith; its connection, roots back to the ancient theory as professed by Guru HargobindJi, who has put forth the blended concept of Miri (Temporal Power) &Piri (Spiritual Power) for the followers of the Faith, which was further consolidated by the 10th Master, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who gave it the concluding shape explicating the artistry at the battlefield against Mughals, while fighting for the protection of Faith of others & safeguarding their free will to follow a Faith of their own choice, when the rulers tried to convert everyone to Islam by force.

It was then when he termed the followers of this newly-bred faith as “Sikhs”, who will live lives of learners of Almighty, who shall fight for protection of Faiths that may exist.

The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib endeavours to instill confidence in its students to be able to face the perils of modern life.

~ Ramandeep Singh
~ New Delhi, 25th Sep ’13