The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib believes that rural health; especially amongst children is a critical aspect & a binding element for sustainable & inclusive Rural growth.

In fact, a true Rural transformation is only possible, or let’s say, is only meaningful, if healthy well-being amongst is also assured & ensured for the Rural folks alongside education. Ill-health can well impale a person’s abilities & render a person incompetent to take benefit of the opportunities that education offers, not only it can hamper growth but also break the financial stability of an entire Rural family.

Nurturing Rural Kids with Care

Medical Check-Ups are routinely undertaken across all Rural Akal Academies to ensure that young rural children stay healthy & have a steady & smiling growth. Child Specialists maintain a record & keep a close observation upon both basic & critical health aspects including eye-sight, height & weight ratio, signs of any other developing problem/issue, etc to identify any lurking abnormalities or symptoms, so they can be treated or eliminated with care, in time.

A beaming Ms. Satvinder Kaur, Principal, Akal Academy, Phaphre Bhaike informed us “The last Medical Check-Up session was held here with child Health Experts counseling & examining all school students. And with the grace of God, the Doctors were able to detect a few cases that needed immediate medical treatment. I would endeavor to have Medical check-ups annually.”

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 26th Sep ’13