This time, it’s village Bhairon Khurd’s Sikh boy Karandeep Singh, a baptized “Amrit-Dhari” , who at 17, determinatively marched his way into serving Indian Army, scoring All India Rank 30 in the NDA (National Defence Academy ) intermediate entrance exam & selected as a CADET in 2013-14 batch to receive specialized 3 Yr Army training in Kharagwasla, Pune and 1 yr at IMA Dehradun for purpose of serving The Indian Army.

Karandeep Singh AIR-30 NDA

India Army offers 2 intermediate examinations NDA & TES wherein TES seeks candidates to serve the army as Engineers; Karandeep Singh independently prepared, appeared & cracked through both the examinations, he scored a strong AIR 74 in TES exam also, but chose to serve the Army as a Soldier.

Young Karandeep Singh has no special family background; coming from a rural village, his childhood & family situation have had no exceptions. His farmer family had been living through the gloomy conditions of financial instability, negative output & declining profits, etc that have been pervading the country’s agrarian societies over the past 2 decades; draining the life out of farmers especially in the Northern Rural belt, where farmer suicides remain trending.

We also learned from Karan’s father that Karan has always been a reserved person, even as a child, his interests were atypical. He was never too keen on playing or going outside much, he was a close observer & analyst of things around; perhaps that is what kept him occupied & that is how his determination & motivation developed.

Besides academics, Dharmic Programs & Faith were the only things that have kept Karan’s keen interest throughout all these years, which remains intact; though his family is not baptizes like him, but his father revealed that his family has always been graced to have remained clean off alcohol; they in fact have been pure vegetarians!

Further revealing about his early days during schooling, his dad told that Karan has always remained an independent child ever-since he was little, his only focus was on education he received at the school & his only time-pass was cricket & football, that too indoor, at house veranda with his young brother Jyot-Prakash. He was always so engrained with the studies at school there was never any room, space or even need for any tuitions.

His father also reveal, that in early years of his childhood itself, Karan told his father that observing the given circumstances & stand of agriculture in India, he is decided about not following agriculture & is aiming for becoming a Big officer, that holds prominence in the country.

Karandeep Singh has been a bright student all through his academics. With a keen interest in studies and co curricular activities, Karandeep has never let us down. When I came to know about this great achievement of his, I knew somewhere that this kid had all the capabilities to be where he is now. I wish him all the luck and I am sure he will do the best; said Mrs. Pawan Sahni, principal, Akal Academy Gomti.

Currently, Karandeep is taking training as a CADET under NDA regime; he was travelling when we got a chance to speak to him for a few minutes, as mobiles are prohibited otherwise during the training program. We thank & salute his father for giving his time to us for telling so much about Karan’s journey & bringing up a courageous & determined child in conditions so tough!

~ Deeksha Singh
~ New Delhi, 26th Sep ’13