Last week saw a Rally organized by Dhanal Kalan in the awareness of making Punjab a Drug Free state. Students from grade IV to X , 373 in number participated in this good venture.

The rally started from the village, ‘Phulpur’ followed by the village ‘Choti Dhanal & ‘ then culminating at village Dhanal Kalan. The students spread their power of words in the adjoining villages spanning approximately 6 Km of road rally on foot. The villages echoed with the loud enthusiastic words of the students.

After coming back to the campus students went into a discussion with respected Principal Ma’am on their experiences regarding the drug de-addiction rally who motivated children to write a report of their experience in their dairies and talk about it at home with their parents.

 Mr. Manjit Singh taught students the meaning of ‘Sixth River’ that is flowing these days in Punjab which is drugs. He encouraged students to help stop this sixth river & save Punjab.

This is the way how with the Grace of Akal Purak and initiative of Principal, staff and Students, Akal Academy Dhanal Kalan did their bit to help in social welfare.

– Ramanadeep Singh

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