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Akal Punjabi Sikhiya Program

About APSP

Akal Academy Baru Sahib

National & International Curriculum

Dedicated to spreading the rich heritage of Gurmat (Sikh way of life), we transcend boundaries under the visionary leadership of Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji. Recognizing the essence of Gurmukhi (Punjabi) in Gurmat, Akal Academy Baru Sahib initiated the Akal Punjabi Shikhiya Program in 2020, fuelled by the belief that knowledge should be barrier-free. Our online platform offers tailored Punjabi language classes, catering especially to non-residential Indians, preserving Sikh linguistic and cultural roots. 

We simplify Gurmukhi learning for all ages, providing an enriching experience. What sets us apart is our commitment to accessibility – our program is entirely free, enabling countless learners to explore Gurbani Santhya, Sikh History, and master the Punjabi language. We validate knowledge through level-based certifications, empowering learners and paving the way for Gurmat-based careers. For those who prefer traditional learning, our offline classes at Akal Academy Baru Sahib offer a comprehensive experience guided by seasoned educators. Beyond teaching a language, we instill identity, pride, and belonging. Join us in this enriching journey, embracing the wisdom of Gurmukhi and celebrating Sikh heritage’s vibrant tapestry.

Embrace Soulful Learning of ​Punjabi

Read and Write Punjabi

Read and Write in Punjabi

You'll be able taught to read and write in Punjabi.

Sikh History

Sikh History Included

Along with Punjabi, Sikh History is also being taught.

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Age No Bar

There are no age restrictions, anyone can join this program.


Available Across the Globe

You can join this program from anywhere across the Globe.

Student Registration Process

Student Registration on LMS

  • Academic Co-ordinator will check the existing level of learner.
  • Coordinator will add the student’s details e.g. enrolment number in nominal google sheet.
  • Coordinator will confirm the group of the learner accordingly. Student’s LMS User-ID and password will be created and registered on the LMS portal by coordinator with the help of IT supporting staff.

Informing the Student about LMS User ID creation

After Registration, a mail will be sent to the student’s & parents email ID. The Email will contain the Link to the training management system, the User Credentials including the Username, Password, Group Name, Class Days & Timing, Tutorial Video link. Same information may also be shared on Whatsapp.

Levels and Level Promotion


It will be a level (0-5) based unique program. This level based learning program is beyond the school based grade/class system. It will remove the barrier of age and time. Every Level can contain multiple Modules. Level five certified can be equivalent to an under graduate student.
  • Level, modules and syllabus to be finalized by the academics team.
  • Level promotion credits to be finalized by the academic team. There will not be any fixed time to complete a level. It will be completely dependent on the assessment and achieved credits.  

Level Promotion

  • Levels can be promoted on the behalf of module wise assessment.
  • Certificates will be given on the completion of every level. The certificates will be allotted through LMS. Format of level certificates to be finalized.

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