The exuberating Divine environment charges everything that resides at Baru Sahib

I would like to start my introduction with lots of love to everyone connected to Baru Sahib…I am Gaurav Pandey, an alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Batch 2012, currently working as a Business Development Executive with a Mohali Based company named “Smart Data” ever since after completion of my B.Tech in Computer Science from the Eternal University, Baru Sahib. Being a person belonging to a simple family of Varanasi, my experience with Baru Sahib has been extraordinary & incredibly transformative; my father works as a senior auditor at Allahabad Bank & my mother is a housewife, so my career, beyond my admission to a good college, was dependent solely on my own self & the choices I make. Luckily, this was the time Baru Sahib came into picture & I got admitted there for my B.Tech. At Akal college, the life is entirely different from the outside world, it’s exclusive; the experience in terms of ambience, environment, the routines followed, the serenity infused by the presence of the temple & the unique transformative system of learning that beautifully blends academics with spirituality is exuberating, it’s appears as if the whole environment charges everything that resides in itself in the sensitizing valley of Baru Sahib. I feel deeply transformed & inspired by the incredible vision & excellence of the teachers & the staff members at the university who lead students by example, showing them the true path towards leading a virtuous & successful life. On the career front, I currently plan to gain more experience at job so I can later be in a position initiate my own business. Towards the society, I feel currently there’s need to save the environment & planting trees can be of much help, hence I would appeal everyone to do their bit on this front. For fellow students, I would like to share that it’s important to stay focused in life, hence stay focused to get what you want or trying to get & one day you will surely reach there. ~ Gaurav Pandey, Alumni of Akal College of Engineering & Technology

Kabir – A Financial Consultant with KPMG looks back

Through the medium of this letter, I, Kabir Nanda wish to pay my homage to my school at Baru Sahib – the Akal Academy, where I spent the most crucial years of my schooling whilst receiving my 10th & 12th grade education. To quickly introduce myself – I belong to Chandigarh and I am currently working with KPMG in the IT advisory as a consultant with the responsibility of looking after company audits; I cleared my 12th in 2009 from Baru Sahib with a score of 85% before completing my Engineering in Computer Science from Chitkara University in Badi. My father is into computer education business running a publishing house while my mother contributes to the business through her writing; ever since I was a child(in 5th standard) my father would often visit Baru Sahib for promotion of books & ever since then we had a desire for sending myself to Baru Sahib Akal Academy for Schooling – but this couldn’t happen until my 9th grade schooling due to feasibility issues. Fortunately, even though for a couple of years, I was finally admitted there for my 10th grade schooling. At Baru Sahib, the experience was sensitizing; the environment was free of distractions, it helped students develop immense focus & with focus came the discipline; I still remember how it affected my performance, I scored a record breaking 92 in Hindi during my 10th board examination, which still remains a record supposedly. I could easily sense & compare the difference, the difference between all those years of city schooling to what I was getting now at Baru Sahib – just about everything was contributing towards quality of education at Baru Sahib, be it the distraction free environment; the spirituality factor; or the carefully mastered routines that students are made to follow. Besides all of the above, I still remember No Pocket-Money Concept – I know it sounds a bit awkward, but if you ask any of the students including myself, it was a blessing in disguise, it too helped us to be focused & disciplined; the concept would only allow us to shop once every month with an assigned budget during a picnic that was organized by the academy; no random buying was allowed otherwise. Another reason for me writing this letter has been some amount of criticism that I too have come across on certain occasions; more often than usual, people do show their negative concerns about disciplined regime followed at the Academy, so to all fellow students & anyone who wishes to know the real fact – the truth is that anyone who has been or is at the academy loves being there, there’s absolutely no parallel to the environment being offered there for the students. I would recommend it to everyone & would tell everyone there to enjoy the exclusivity which they really going to miss once they pass out. As of now, I am planning to do my masters from abroad after gaining some work experience for a while. In the distant future, I am inspired from Baru Sahib to open up an old age home for neglected parents because I feel with the growing urbanization & modernization this problem has been increasing manifolds. ~Love & Regards Kabir Nanda.

Better Humans Better Future ~ Eternal University Baru Sahib

Eternal University

The first private University under The Kalgidhar Trust – Baru Sahib, HP in the interior Himalayan region of Sirmaur (one of the most backward districts) was established in 2008. Presently imparting 42 streams offering higher educational opportunities to our rural students, ushering the rural transformation.

College of Engineering & Technology (All Girls College)

You educate a man, you educate a man. You educate a woman, you educate a generation!. The college promises to create ‘Better Engineers for Better Future’ with emphasis on academic technological excellence. Research and innovation is the main focus.

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing Studies was the first nursing college in the State of Himachal Pradesh. The college trains to provide necessary para-medical workforce, including Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Clinical Laboratory Technologists & Health Care Professionals in general.

Teacher’s Training Institute

This unique free program for ETT (elementary level teachers) training now has 500 girls belonging to the lower strata of society from remote rural areas of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. They are given intensive training in English language and communication skills, modern teaching methodology and computer education and further given employment in schools. This ensures that the girl child is not a burden but an earning hand, not only for the family but also contributes to the GDP.

Eternal University Baru Sahib’s Anupama Thakur Honored with Academic Excellence Award at INDO-Global Education Summit 2013

Anupama Thakur, B.Tech (E.C.E) a 4th Year student of Eternal University, Baru Sahib, has been honored with ‘Academic Excellence Award’ for her outstanding performance and work of innovation in the field of technology, at the INDO - GLOBAL Education Summit 2013, which was held on 9th November at Indian Habitat Centre (IHC) of New Delhi. Besides being exceptionally brilliant at academics, Anupama Thakur has consistently been into innovative technology projects, especially “Renewable Energy”; one of the most lauded of her work projects has been on “Solar Refrigeration”, in which she has designed a highly efficient Solar Powered Refrigeration System based on TEC (Thermo-Electric-Cooling) Technique which rather than generating electricity uses solar heat to create a Refrigeration effect directly – she, together with her project partner Tarun Parihar, has applied for Patent for the aforesaid innovation. Anupama Thakur, who originally belongs to valley of Shimla, H.P., did her matriculation from Convent of Jesus and Mary , Chelsea, Shimla and also completed her J.E.E (Junior Executive Engineer) course from a Govt. Polytechnic in Solan before she finally decided to drive her engineering dreams further and joined Eternal University’s Akal College of Engineering to pursue B.Tech (E.C.E) in 2011. Some of the other interesting projects, which have won her accolades at several Tech. Conferences, Competitions and Summits at District, State, National and International Levels include “6 Level Water Tank Indicator”, “Robotic Tank Missile Launcher with Wireless Camera” & Synchronous Traffic Lights And Vehicle”.  Her work was also hailed at National Level Regional Fair i3-India’s Innovative Initiative Competition in 2012-13, which is organized by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India in association with Agilent Technologies & Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ); her work also won her 1st Prize at “TECHELONE 2012”, a national level technical fest held in October last year. INDO – GLOBAL Education Summit – is a comprehensive educational event of its kind ever held in India being the biggest networking event for leaders in education from India & other countries, which sees participation of around 1000 Top-Indian and Foreign Universities. Initiated in 2010, the summit identifies and promotes innovation and educational excellence through presentation of education awards to institutions, educationists, and faculty in recognition of their contributions and excellence in any of the various academic fields. Help us uncover such talents, Donate Here ~ Deeksha Singh ~ New Delhi, 21st Nov '13

3rd International Conference on “Innovative Trends in Community Health Nursing”

Baru Sahib, October 5th 2013 – An international conference on “Innovative trends in community health nursing” commenced today at AKAL college of nursing , Eternal University, Baru Sahib. The two day conference is being held on October 5th & 6th, 2013. Eternal University is located in a 450 acre campus, 110 km from Shimla in the Himalayas at Baru Sahib. Besides the University, the Baru Sahib campus has an international Akal Academy, multi-specialty charitable Hospital and Gurudwara. A Research driven model has been adopted to achieve excellence in various fields including Bio Technology, Public health, Applied Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Renewable Energy.

3rd International Conference on “Innovative Trends in Community Health Nursing” The Akal College of Nursing established in 2008, is the first Nursing College in the state. The College strives to provide scientific education for achieving the highest level of professional competence as per the needs of modern hospitals and Nursing Education all over the world. The college also strives hard to blend modern scientific education with the spiritual rejuvenation of the human mind thus creating angels of healing (spiritual Nursing). Akal College of Nursing Baru sahib has a collaborative relationship with Drexel University Philadelphia, USA. The faculty visits and teaches three times in a year.

The theme of the conference is Innovative Trends in Community Health Nursing and the sub themes are Community health nursing in context of Globalization, Innovative Community Health Nursing and Research, Partnership to expand community based initiatives and Significant challenges and issues in Community Health Nursing. This theme was selected because of the impact it can have on Public Health programme and to reduce inequalities in health while ensuring the best health for the greatest numbers.

The chief guest of the conference was Ms Meera Mohanty (IAS), Director of town and country planning . Eminent Indian Nursing Professionals like Dr. Inderjit Walia, Dr. Satwant Baltej and Dr Sandhya Ghai and the international dignitaries Dr. Jill Derstine, Professor, Drexel University, USA and her team of legends in Nursing Dr. Mary Lou Mchugh, Prof. Sandra Friedman, Dr. Donna Sabella and Dr. Mimie Avance are the main participants who would be giving their contributions to this 3rd international conference. More than 300 enthusiastic delegates are participating in professional deliberation from various parts of India including Gwalior Madhya Pradesh, DMC Ludhiana, PGI Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Patiala in Punjab and New Delhi. Honorable Baba Iqbal Singh ji, President, Kalgidhar Trust who is also the chancellor of Eternal University will be blessing the conference with his esteemed presence.

The conference started with the recitation of Divine hymns on Indian classical stringed music by students of Akal College of Divine Music and spirituality Baru Sahib. Later the chief guest Ms Meera Mohanty (IAS) along with Dr. Inderjit Walia, Dr. Satwant Baltej and the visiting international faculty dignitary Dr. Jill Derstine lit the lamp. Ms Mohanty in her inaugural speech stressed on the need to work for the community which is prime. Dr Davinder Singh, Secreatry Kalgidhar Trust gave a glimpse of mission and vision of the Trust. Dr Neelam Kaur , Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Eternal University gave a welcome speech. Ms Shanti Chouhan, Registrar HPNRC, spoke on the role of community Health Nursing in the present society. She stressed that adaption of community and continuous awareness by approaching the same would definitely bring about awareness and change as regards to health consciousness. The keynote address was given by Dr Jill Derstine , clinical professor , Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA and Dr mala, Professor and dean of Manipal College of Nursing Bangalore. After tea break the conference went into Plenary session i.e. Community Health Nursing in context of Globalisation and free paper presentation (concurrently).

The other topics to be deliberated are Need for Community Health improvement by Dr. Sushma K. 1. Saini (Lecturer, NINE, PGIMER, Chandigarh)

Promoting utilization of Community resources by Dr. Jane (Drexel University)

Socio-economic disparities across the globe by Dr. Rekha Ogle (Principal, Sinhagad College of Nursing, Pune)

A wide coverage and dissemination of information will be a great benefit to the society at large.

(Dr. Neelam Kaur)
Dean Faculty of Health Sciences
Eternal University Baru Sahib