Toddler’s abilities keep popping up if they get encouraged and right direction of their mentors. Anureet Kaur of Class II, Akal Academy Gomtipul was an epitome of this.

Few days back when the school started diagnosis of slow bloomers, Anureet came into the notice of the special educator.

In the preface, she was nervous and shy in the class of slow bloomers. But, gradually she developed a responsive behavior and started expressing herself.

Initially, she had learning gaps in languages and numbers. Struggles in the classroom can often cause the child to doubt their abilities and question their strengths.

She was not well acquainted with the alphabet and thus was not able to read simple words.

Within the time span of 4 months she started reading simple words with fluency and some difficult words by breaking them.

The perseverance was the key to drive her out of her shell. It gave her hope and confidence that things can improve and that she will eventually succeed.

She was nurtured with care & driven by appreciating words for her little steps of progress.

Furthermore many significant transformations were observed in her behaviour. She developed her inner confidence & turned into a proactive child. She showed remarkable progress in every academic domain.

However, these achievements had to be enhanced further so that she was able to cope up with the class level.

She has reached another notch when compared to her old self.

Every Child needs encouragement and support. Positive reinforcement ensures that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.

Her small accomplishments were recognized. These appreciations triggered her zeal to perform better.

Education bounds to fail its purpose if these special kids are treated as a burden and passive participants in a classroom. Appreciation and healing magic of special care can help these kids compete with children of their age.